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Keeping Baby Safe on July 4

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Keeping Baby Safe on July 4With the 4th of July just around the corner, many of us are heading to celebrations and parades with our little ones. This is such a fun holiday, filled with family, friends and fun that sharing it with our babies comes naturally. But, before you head out to participate in the fun, read these few simple tips to keep baby safe and happy during the festivities.

When getting baby dressed for the day, think layers and sun protective clothing. I like to give my older babies a good dose of sunscreen before dressing for a summer day to make sure any gaps in clothing are covered. Items such as leggings or long sleeve shirts can help cover and protect skin both from sun and bugs. Clothing with a tighter weave does a better job at protecting from UV rays than looser, mesh-style fabric. Don’t forget the sunhat, glasses and lightweight blankets.

When the sun begins to set and you’re heading to the fireworks shows, remember to bring ear protection. There are many products on the market for baby ear protection. Baby banz provide excellent ear protection for fireworks, sporting events and other loud events. If you’re looking for something a bit less bulky, I’ve used silicone ear plugs as ear protection. They mold to the outer ear and babies cannot pull them off as easily. They do a great job in protecting the noise levels and helps keep the little guys from startling.

During a fireworks display or parade, babywearing can be a lifesaver. By wearing your baby you can tell when they have had too much, make sure they are not overwhelmed or in the line of fire for flying items, and baby is comforted by having mom nearby. Sometimes just being near mom or dad is enough to comfort baby during the busy and craziness of the day.

If baby is still upset over the noise and overstimulation, sometimes it’s best to hedge your bets and head indoors to watch the fun from the safety and quiet of inside. Remember to listen to your baby’s needs and cues as they let you know what they need to make it through the day.

Pia Watzig is a stay at home to three crazy boys in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys knitting, gardening, camping and chasing her kids.