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Tasty Tuesday: Fun Kid’s Recipe Gets a Healthy Makeover

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Lately my boys (especially my 6 year old) have been enjoying the Nate the Great book series. At the end of each book are fun facts and activities related to the story. Jeremiah asked me if we could make these Octopus Pops he found in the back of one of his Nate the Great books.

Looking at the instructions I was not too eager to make them…the ingredients were juice and candy sugar and sugar. But then I thought I bet I could come up with a healthier version. So here’s what we did instead.

In place of buying fruit juice at the store we juiced 3 organic apples in our juicer.

That was simple. It was the 8 octopus arms I was unsure of how to make. I looked for organic gummy worms at our local health store. While they did actually sell some, they were very expensive and full of sugar just the same. Plus they were too short and stubby to work well for this project. Then I found these

and decided they would make perfect arms for our octopus pops! They are made of fruit and veggies with no added sugar or dyes. Plus they were only .39cents each AND were on sale “buy one, get one free”.  Total score!

The instructions are super easy:

1. Pour juice in small paper cups

2. Place 8 fruit strips in each cup, lining them around the edge

3. Place in freezer

4. After a few hours, put a popsicle stick in each cup

5. When frozen solid, remove from freezer, tear off cup, and viola…Octopus Pops!

We had fun making them together (well except for the part where the kids opened the freezer like every 5 minutes to check if they were done…that wasn’t too much fun) and of course the boys enjoyed eating them.

This project got me thinking about a few popular kids treats that could definitely use makeovers. One that immediately came to mind was “Dirt Cups“.  I am sure you know the ones I am talking about…they are made with pudding, whip cream, crushed cookies, and gummy worms….eewww! Just thinking about consuming all of that makes my tummy hurt. I definitely think I can do a Dirt Cup makeover using healthier ingredients. Actually one of the main ingredients I have in mind is mashed potatoes…yep, I am serious! I am going to play with it this week and hopefully have it ready to share by next week.

In the meantime hopefully my kidlets enjoy being my taste testers. 🙂

What recipes have you given a healthy makeover? Or what recipes would you like to see made over? Would love to hear from you! 🙂