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Easy Homemade Purees

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

homemade baby foodIf you haven’t tried, making your own baby food purees is super easy and surprisingly quick. You don’t need to buy any special equipment, assuming you have a typically stocked kitchen. It’s a nutritious and inexpensive way to start your child on solids.

The easiest choices are banana and avocado, as all you need to do is mash up a bit of fresh fruit. Make sure they are ripe, and scoop out some avocado or slice of a chunk of banana into a bowl. Mash it smooth with a fork and voila, dinner is served (or breakfast or lunch or whatever).

Other fruits and vegetables require cooking before mashing. Generally speaking, steaming is my favorite option as it retains a lot of nutrients, and also keeps the texture moist and easy to puree. Veggies like squash, carrots, potatoes, and softer fruits like peaches can all be mashed with a fork by hand, if you don’t have a food processor or blender.

For more fibrous foods, like green beans, spinach, or apples, it’s best to use a food processor or blender after steaming. When blending, you will need a blending liquid. Expressed breast milk or formula are good options (if you exclusively breastfeed but don’t have a freezer stash, this can be a good way to use up the sample formula cans that formula companies send). If your child fights constipation, you can use a little bit of prune juice as the liquid.

Meat can be a little tougher to process. Again, steaming is a good way to go (baking works too though). Rough chop and put in your processor along with with your chosen liquid. Keep in mind, when processing, that a smoother texture is usually better tolerated, so check the texture and when in doubt, blend a little longer.

Feel free to make a batch at a time; you can freeze the purees in ice cube trays and store in ziploc bags in the freezer once frozen. I used to thaw out what I needed for the next day by putting frozen cubes in old glass baby food jars and then into the fridge the night before. You can also purchase jars specially designed for homemade baby food.

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home mom to three boys (and desperately hoping that they don’t burn the house down someday). She and her family are enjoying living an ex-pat life overseas.

Making Baby Food is Easier Than You Think!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Making Baby Food

The thought of making your own baby food may seem daunting and maybe even pointless since there are so many packaged baby food options on the market. If you’ve thought about it but feel like it might be too much work, I promise it’s not.

It is actually really easy! And it’s totally worth it. Just like eating fresh food is better for us as adults, fresh, homemade food beats a can or pouch any day of the week for kids, too!

You don’t need any fancy equipment or special “baby food makers.” Really the only things you need are a food processor, some ice cube trays and if you’re sending food to daycare some little glass containers to put the prepared baby food in.

First you have to decide if you feel more comfortable with baby led weaning, where babies gnaw on larger chunks of food, or if you want to stick with purees, or maybe do a combination of each. Purees tend to be the best option for daycares since so many don’t want the liability of possible choking.

My favorite guide to making baby foods are a cookbook by Tyler Florence called Start Fresh it begins with purees and works through toddler foods and all the way into family meals. I’ve probably made every recipe in the book and have not come across one the whole family didn’t love. One of my daughters’ favorite purees from the cookbook was a combination I would have never thought of on my own: carrot, mango and apple! Another great resource is the Wholesome Baby Food website which is jam-packed with helpful information.

As babies get older and they start eating more complex foods they can start eating the same things that you eat. Eventually you’ll need to puree less and less until you don’t even need to puree at all. While you are still pureeing though I suggest preparing everything in large batches! Then simply scoop the puree into the ice cube trays and freeze. Once they’re completely frozen you can remove the individual frozen cubes and transfer them into a large freezer safe bag and lay them flat to save space. That’s the bulk of the work!

If you’re getting food ready for daycare just take a few cubes out the night before. Put them into a small glass container in the fridge and let them thaw overnight. If you’re eating at home,
I recommend heating them on the stove top rather than the microwave. You can even add some breast milk to the sweet flavors or some bone broth to the savory flavors. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Jacqueline Banks is a certified Holistic Health Counselor and online fitness coach. She works with women in all stages of motherhood, from mothers struggling with conception to those trying to get their grove back after pregnancy to ensure the best health and nutrition for both mom and baby.

Sunday Funday Giveaway: Wean Green 5.1 oz. Wean Tubs | Pack of 2

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

I am slowly, but surely trying to wean my family from plastic food storage containers. It seems our cabinets are overflowing with a plethora of mismatched plastic tops and containers. It’s super annoying to dig through them to find the matching sets when packing up leftovers or getting ready for an outing. Plus many of them are stained a yucky reddish/brownish color from storing pasta and the like….ewww! And we all know that plastic is bad for our health and even worse for the environment, but is there a good alternative for food storage? One that is eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and health-friendly? Enter Wean Green glass storage containers!

Okay, I know what you are thinking…glass and kids are not a good mix, right?. You are probably worried the Wean Green containers will break after only a few uses and you’ll be reuniting with your plastic containers in no time. Well, be assured I had the same doubts in using glass to store foods/snacks for my kids. That is until I saw this video where they show fall after fall of Wean Green containers and not a! They even bowl with Wean Green containers, play pool with them, and use one as a hacky-sack…and NO broken glass whatsoever! Wean Green containers are made of tempered glass, which is basically glass that has been strengthened during the manufacturing stage. So no worries if your kid accidentally drops these containers…they are made super tough to last!

Tempered glass is also designed to withstand sudden and drastic temperature changes. Translation, you can freeze and microwave Wean Green containers. This is perfect if you are using Wean Green containers to store and serve homemade baby food. (Although do be careful, as with ALL glass, tempered glass will likely break if you expose it to thermal cooling shock. For example if you were to throw a frozen container into boiling water).

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a more detailed product review and tips for usage! Although in the meantime enter this week’s giveaway below for your chance to win a 2 pack of Wean Green 5.1 oz. Wean Tubs!