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How You Know You’re Done Having Babies

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

How to Know When You're Done Having BabiesThey say that when you know you’re done having babies you know. There is a moment when you know you’re finished: the glamour has worn off, you see the rawness of motherhood. Maybe, like me, you’ve seen what the preschool years bring and can see how the babies and toddlers turn into bigger kids who are busy, loud and fun.

So here we go, my five signs you’re done having kids!

  1. You suddenly want to purge every baby item in your house. With exception to the few items you must keep for your own nostalgia, you’re ready to KonMari every single rattle, bloomer, and onesie you find. That lovely adorable first-time mom you met at the gym? You’re her new best friend with your hand-me-downs.
  2. You start to realize that the amount of laundry and chaos is not as fun as you once thought. With a newborn and toddler, the laundry, cleaning and mess was still adorable. It was signs of your budding family. You looked at the cute “My house isn’t messy, my children are making memories” memes and smiled because you loved every bit of it. Now? The bubble has burst and you see it for what it is–a chaotic disaster.
  3. It’s not a struggle to hand back the newborn. Your cousin’s sister’s newborn baby is adorable and sweet, but once she’s crying you don’t have any issue handing that little ball of angry right back to her Mama. And walking away.
  4. You enjoy the milestones a bit more. After going through a few kids myself, I find the milestones are sweeter as I know what comes next and I can see the independence brewing in my youngest. He’s suddenly capable of doing so much on his own, and It is sweet.
  5. You have moved on from the baby and toddler groups. Suddenly you no longer find the need for a toddler and baby story time group as you enjoy your own little bunch more and more. Hanging out with a bunch of babies is suddenly not as interesting.

There are days I long for a baby once more and I think back with nostalgia to the fuzzy hair and soft downy skin, and how sweet they were before they could run. But seeing how fun bigger kids can be and what they can do cures any longing for a new baby in my life. Plus, a full-night’s sleep is an incredible feeling!

Pia Watzig is a Stay at Home Mom to three crazy boys in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys knitting and attempting to keep her kids clean.