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Pre-Loved Cloth Diapers

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Okay I admit, many moons ago, when I was brand new to the concept of cloth diapering, the thought of used cloth diapers kind of weirded me out. Bare in mind this is coming from someone who buys almost everything second-hand. Practically my entire wardrobe is from a thrift store. My kids wear hand-me-downs almost exclusively. My house is furnished primarily from Craigslist. There are few things I am unwilling to use second-hand…maybe a toothbrush, mama cloth, and underwear fall into the “must have brand new” category for me. So why the resistance to using pre-loved cloth diapers? Simple: Lack of experience with cloth diapering.

Although after a few months experience cloth diapering, I was fully committed to cloth and ready to expand my stash. Being the thrifty mama I am, I diligently searched the Internet for good deals (note: this was back in the day before Mom’s Milk Boutique was born. Now I *know* where all the good deals are ;)). I stumbled upon a “For Sale” post on an attachment parenting forum I was involved with at the time. The listing was for a rather eclectic stash of diapers. I immediately did the math and was amazed at the price per diaper. Here was a way I could quickly build my stash with a variety of diaper types AND stay within my budget. WOOT! But wait, what about my aversion to used cloth diapers? Turns out my reservations about pre-loved cloth had completely dissipated by then.

After using cloth diapers for a few months, I realized that they were very well made to be used over and over (and over) again. Be it on my own child’s bottom or someone else’s, it ultimately did not really matter because they wash perfectly clean. With a little extra TLC (ie- stripping, sunning, etc) from time to time to remove odors or stains, cloth diapers can actually stay “nearly new” for quite some time. After seeing first hand how well they washed clean, I was no longer opposed to used cloth. I took the plunge and purchased a mixed lot of gently used diapers from a mama who was thinning her own stash. I was definitely stoked when a week later a package of pre-loved fluff arrived at my door! 🙂

Are you looking to expand your own stash on a limited budget? Well then you will be delighted to know that Moms Milk Boutique carries a nice selection of pre-loved diapers! The majority of our pre-loved diapers are returns from our Cloth Diaper Trial Packages and are in very good to excellent condition. Just to give you an example of savings when buying pre-loved diapers consider this 6 pack of OsoCozy Prefolds – Indian Unbleached.  It retails brand new for $15.00, while the pre-loved 6 pack (used less than 30 days) is listed at just $5.99. That’s a 60% savings! That is only one example of some of the awesome pre-loved diapers deals available to you through Moms Milk Boutique. If you are in the market for some new fluff for your wee one but are on a tight budget, be sure to check out the variety of pre-loved cloth diapers, covers, and liners at Moms Milk Boutique. You could score some awesome deals on fluff!!

Do you have any pre-loved cloth diapers in your stash? Would love to hear your thoughts on used cloth diapers!