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Great Pool Snacks for Summer

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Sailor girlDuring the hot Texas summers, daily trips to the pool are a must to stay cool. This is my third summer taking my kids to the neighborhood pool, and this summer they are 3.5 and 1.5 years old. I have learned that I must pack snacks when we go to the pool or my kids will end up eating all of the neighbor-kid’s snacks.

Below are a few of our favorite pool time snacks. We always make sure to take plenty of water so that no one gets dehydrated. Either sippy cups or the small water bottles work great.

Grapes:  I love taking grapes as they are healthy, easy to pack in a little ice chest, and easy for little kids to eat. Grapes won’t get soggy if little wet hands go to grab some. I like to take plenty of cups so I can give all the kids a serving of grapes. Keep in mind if the kids are younger, you might want to cut the grapes in half to prevent choking.

Graham Crackers: These are also easy to share, but it is best if a parent gives the kids a sheet so they do not all get soggy. We tend to go through a whole sleeve of graham crackers each time we take them to the pool.

Peaches: A great summertime snack that everyone enjoys; just wash and pack. These go fast as well so take plenty to share.

Trail Mix: You can either get trail mix in a big bag or in individual packets. I like taking a big bag to the pool and sharing in cups for all of the kids. Make sure you know that the kids are not allergic to nuts and can handle all of the shapes and sizes of food without choking.

Popsicles: One busy afternoon at the pool a mom brought a giant box of popsicles and handed them out to all of the kids at the pool. This would work great if you took and shared right when you got to the pool, or it is even better if a second parent can bring once everyone has been playing a while. I think all of the kids loved that mom and it was a great treat.

Hope your summer days at the pool are full of sun, splashing and yummy food!

Kristen Beggs is a mom of two who loves spending her summer afternoons by the pool with her kids.