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Pregnancy Week 11: Food Aversions

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Food AversionsOh, the joys of pregnancy. Food is either your friend or the enemy. In the first trimester, food aversions abound. Simply the smell of my refrigerator is enough for me this week, and I keep a pretty tidy house. Some food may sound good, but eating them is a whole different story. So what exactly are food aversions and which ones tend to be the worst? Let me tell you.

What are food aversions?

A food aversion is basically the opposite of a food craving. Turning queasy over a salad you just ate for supper? Plugging your nose as you chug down some orange juice you once loved? It’s when you can’t stand to eat, smell, or even be in the same room with certain foods. Usually, hormones are to blame and they only persist during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Which ones are most common?

Classic aversions are foods full of protein: eggs, chicken, beef. For me, the smell of ground beef is repulsive. I can’t stand to enter the grocery store and smell the fried chicken. If dairy bothers you, skip the milk. I don’t enjoy drinking white milk anytime, especially during pregnancy. Many women also complain of aversions to salad and other green veggies.

How should I handle food aversions?

If protein is your problem, try nuts, legumes, or products made from soy. If it’s dairy, try getting your calcium from other sources rather than milk. Yogurt and cheese are good starting points. If veggies are the culprit, try orange, red, or yellow vegetables instead of green. The Pregnancy Diet is a diet plan specifically geared toward expectant moms with lots of substitutions for these aversions.

The good news, mommas, is that these aversions usually pass. I was able to successfully eat Publix fried chicken after the birth of my daughter, and I suspect it will be a favorite of mine in another 7 months. Before long, my food aversions will turn into food cravings. It’s a small price you pay for a healthy, beautiful baby.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on-the-way. She loves to eat, so she’s ready for these aversions to take a hike!