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Silent Saturday: Fluff in the Florida Sun!

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

One of our Mom’s Milk Boutique Mamas, Melissa, emailed this picture to me and I thought it was way too beautiful not share! That is her horse Snowy in the background who according to Melissa gets really interested whenever they hang up the diapers, lol!

Anyone able to identify any of the diapers in her stash?

Do you have a picture you would like to share on ? If so, feel free to email it to me at

Happy Saturday All,


Product Review: FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diapers

Monday, January 28th, 2013

First order of business if you have not yet entered our FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper Giveaway be sure to before it ends on Sunday, February 3, 2013. There are several different ways to enter the giveaway and you can get up to 14 entries into the raffle! It’s super easy to do…rafflecopter will walk you through the whole thing, it’s just a few clicks…and viola, you are entered for the chance to win a FREE FuzziBunz Elite Cloth Diaper.

Now if you are not familiar with the FuzziBuns Elite One Size Cloth Diaper, let me tell you a little more about it. I just added a few to my cloth diaper stash and cannot believe I waited so long to try FuzziBunz! Especially considering that FuzziBunz has a great reputation in many cloth diapering circles. Most people rave about FuzzinBunz products…and now I see why!

First off, the color choices are awesome! I tend to like the bright colors when it comes to fluff, and FuzziBunz has lots of fun colors to choose from.

Now onto the all important features regarding function. This is a ONE SIZE diaper meaning it is designed to fit newborn through potty-training. While one-size diapers are generally not my first choice, I definitely like having a few in the mix.

I LOVE that this diaper comes with replacement elastic…actually I think it’s kind of genius! 🙂 And the fact they the design of the diaper makes it super easy to replace the elastic if/when the times comes is even better. There is no sewing required. Not only is the elastic replaceable…it’s adjustable too! You simply button the elastic at the proper size to fit your extra-small 7lb baby or your 30lb+ potty training toddler! There are suggested settings for various weights, but the cool part is you can basically get a custom fit because you can adjust the legs and waist separately! I have tried a lot of different brands of fluff, but this feature is definitely a first…and I am digging it!

The FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper is a pocket diaper. It comes with not one, but TWO super-duper soft, anti-microbail minky inserts. They are plush and extra absorbent but without the bulk. The diaper is super trim fitting…perfect for a busy, wiggly baby!

The snaps are adjustable; providing lots of options so you can get just the right fit on your little one. I also really like the angle of the snaps as they lie nice and flat across baby’s waist/abdomen. We didn’t experience any bunching like I have with some other brands of one sized diapers.

The most important question about a cloth diaper is “does it effectively contain pee and poo”, right? So I like to test a diaper overnight and with a few messy poops before I give it a thumbs up. In short, FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diaper passed both tests with flying colors! In fact it’s become one of my favorite “out and about” diapers as I trust it for long periods of time without any leakage or blowouts!

The only caution I have is that I have often heard that FuzziBunz run a tad on the small side, and I have to say that I agree. Just something to keep in mind if you tend to have chunkier babies…I love me a chunky baby!! 🙂

All in all the FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper would make a great addition to any cloth diaper stash…and now is the perfect time to add a few to your stash while they are on sale at Mom’s Milk Boutique!!



Sunday Funday Giveaway: Planet Wise Small Wetbag

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Wetbags are an essential cloth diapering accessory! In fact you want to have a few in your rotation so you always have a clean one available. A wetbag is bag that stores your dirty diapers and is specifically designed to contain odors, germs, and moisture. They come in multiple sizes; some are for use when you are out and about and typically hold anywhere from 1 to 8 diapers. Larger wetbags can hold up to 20 diapers and are used to store your dirty diapers at home until wash day.

Planet Wise makes awesome wetbags! What makes them so awesome? Here’s just a few reasons:

  • PVC Free and Lead Free Zippers
  • Anti-microbial
  • Reusable to avoid using plastic bags, helping to protect our planet
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with high quality designer fabrics with coordinating waterproof inner material and locking zipper.
  • Each bag is innovatively sewn with hidden seams and sealed for no wicking or leaking.
  • Resists most stains odors – keeping smells in.

Planet Wise wetbags come in 3 sizes:

Small – 8″ x 10″  holds 1 -2 cloth diapers

Medium 13″ x 16″  holds 8-9 cloth diapers

Large – 18″ x 21″  holds 16-17 cloth diapers

Aside from all the practical aspects of the Planet Wise Wetbags, they come in super cute colors and prints!! I mean let’s be honest, as cloth diapering mamas we want to have some fun with our fluff and cute prints make us happy!

Want to win a FREE Planet Wise Small Wetbag?!? Enter this week’s giveaway below:

Cloth Diapers: How Much Will They Cost Me?

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Often when people are considering using cloth diapers, the main question is how much will it cost me to get started? (What do I do with the poop? is the second most popular question). The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on what type of diaper you purchase and how many diapers you purchase. However my best guesstimate is that in order to get a decent stash and adequate accessories you would probably spend somewhere between $250 – $500. Yeah, I know that probably sounds like a large chunk of money, but remember that cloth diapering is WAY cheaper than using disposables!

I recommended having at least 25 diapers in your stash, 3 travel wetbags, and 2 pail liners. You can pay as little as $10 per cloth diaper or as much as $25+ per cloth diaper, again depending on the type of diaper you select. While cloth diapers can range in price significantly, there are more factors to consider than just price tag when selecting a diapering system.

The first main decision is do you want/prefer a two-step or a one-step diapering system? Then the second main decision is do you want/prefer sized diapers or one-size diapers? Okay, I know that sounds like a foreign language when you are new to fluff.  So let me briefly explain….

A two-step system would consist of an inner absorbent diaper (options are pre-fold, flat, fitted, or contoured) and a separate outer waterproof cover. Generally this is the least expensive route when building your diaper stash. For example, an Econobum trial pack that includes 1 cover and 3 pre-folds retails at $11.95. Keep in mind you can often re-use the same cover through several diaper changes. Basically you remove the soiled inner diaper and replace it with a fresh one. Then as long as the outer diaper cover is clean/dry you can continue to re-use it. That being said you typically need far more of the inner absorbent diaper (ie- pre-fold, flat, fitted, or contoured) than you do of the diaper covers. Hence the reason the Econobum trial pack includes 1 cover and 3 pre-folds. Econobum is a great option to build a diaper stash very inexpensively!

The other option is a one-step diapering system. In a one-step diapering system the inner absorbent diaper and the outer cover are essentially “attached” so there is only one step when diapering baby. Pocket diapers and all-in-ones fall into this category. Many people enjoy the convenience and ease of cloth diapering with a one-step diapering system. Generally cloth diapers that fall into this category are going to cost a bit more per diaper than you would pay for a two-step diapering system (even when you add the cost of the inner diaper and the cover together).

The next consideration is sized diapers versus one-size diapers. A one-size diaper means it is adjustable and developed to fit baby from newborn to potty training. A sized diaper means it comes in sizes such as small, medium, large, etc or size 1, size 2, etc. Once baby outgrows a size, you would need to purchase the next size up. While one-size diapers cost more up front, you generally end up spending as much or perhaps even a tad more if you purchase sized diapers. Although the benefit to sized diapers is that they usually provide an overall better fit, particularly in the newborns stage of diapering.

Okay now, bear in mind you do not have to be a purist when it comes to cloth diapering. You can build yourself an eclectic stash that includes a wide variety of cloth diapers. This is especially beneficial if you have the ability to build your stash over time and take advantage of all the incredible deals as they become available.

Still confused and unsure about where to start and what kind of diapers to purchase? Well then a Cloth Diaper Trial Package might be a good option for you! You’ll get to try out 13 NEW cloth diapering products for 30 days for only $20! Check out the details here!

What was your start-up cost to cloth diapering? What did you start with in your stash? Would love to hear from you!

-Sarah 🙂

Fan Photo Friday: Diaper Stash

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Welcome to our very first FAN PHOTO FRIDAY! Today’s topic is “Show off your stash!”. We had some awesome photos submitted by some awesome mamas! Check them out…

This is Jolene’s stash…pretty impressive, huh? Not just due to the number of diapers, but the organization of it is incredible too! She’s says her stash is “proudly displayed in my living room for everyone to see.” Which totally made me chuckle…I would LOVE walking into a friend’s house and seeing this wonderful display of fluff, wouldn’t you?

This is Rebecca’s stash. She describes herself as a “tried and true FLIP stash mama”. Don’t you just love the celebration of cloth in her backyard with the Tibetan diaper flags? So cool! 🙂

This is Amanda’s stash. She calls her stash “tiny” and is hoping to grow her stash soon (aren’t we all! 😉 ). I think it’s an awesome stash and love all the prefolds. Such a great diaper choice!

This is Megan’s stash. Her sweet little monkey fell asleep before she could snap of photo of him with his colorful diaper stash so she improvised with a stuffed monkey.  Can’t help but smile at this goofy little monkey surrounded by RumpaRooz!

And here’s my stash…yes, I’m keeping it real for you mamas with a snapshot of my dirty diapers! Haha! This is what my stash actually looks like most of the time.

Or else it looks like this:

Occasionally (such as the one time I wrote a blog post about diaper storage solutions) it looks like this:

Thanks a bunch to the mamas who sent in photos of their stash to share! It’s fun to see a variety of stashes because it provides readers and prospective cloth diapering families a feel for how to make cloth diapering work for them! Some families have a rather eclectic stash and others find a favorite and stick to it.

Alright now it’s time to start collecting pictures for next week’s Fan Photo Friday!  And because I have a serious case of baby fever over here, I would love to see some cutie patootie newborn babywearing photos. Anyone have a favorite picture of themselves (or their partner) wearing their wee little baby? If so email it to by Thursday, May 24 and include any information you want shared such as age of baby, type of carrier, location, etc.  Then be sure to check back on Friday, May 25 to see some serious cuteness guaranteed to make you go “aaawwwww!”.