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My Pregnancy: Week 11

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

IMG_1996Hubby is tagging along with me again this third time around. For the other two pregnancies he was a great teammate, never letting me feel guilty for lying on the couch in the early months, the comparison shopping and buying and planning of the middle months, and the chill of the final months. We spent a lot of evenings in our last third trimester laying Tetris and listening to the radio. This first trimester has hit me in the gut and wherever the source of exhaustion is in my body.

He’s charming in new ways to me just as the baby is newly charming to us. He was telling me yesterday about baby fingerprints and DNA. He was involved with the previous two pregnancies but I think he has a new appreciation for a baby in the womb because he has now seen personally, through our own blood, sweat, laughs, and tears, how embryos become fetus, newborn, infant, toddler, and preschooler. It’s more concrete and tangible to him in a way that he says didn’t connect before we had children.

He’s our baby-name finder. I have a few names I always liked or that strike me, but he’s our primary source of creativity. We’ll be in the car, lying down to sleep, or walking in the door from work and he’ll just start asking what I think of this name and that name and so on. The other day he asked me, “How’s our little one?” I said, “Well, I was just saying he poured out the whole cup of water and bag of chips on our mail.” Then he directed me to the little one attached to me. Oh, yes. Our littlest one.

So this week, we’re just continuing through more of the same: excitement, sickness, exhaustion, and so forth. But I do think in all of my accounting for this pregnancy, I need to account for my teammate. There are so many moments that he helps to make even more special.

Annie is a mom of two toddlers finding comfort in breakfast foods and the excitement of one little baby on the way. If only she could find time for even more sleep.