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My Pregnancy: Week 17

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

We were first pregnant in the spring of 2011. Just the other evening hubby and I were noticing a few things that have changed in such a short period of time. These musings are not so much an all-encompassing list of trends so much as a reminder to you, mama—the parenting world is always coming up with some new gadget, technology, or trend. Whether you buy into the newest thing or pass it by, know your awesomeness is timeless.

Baby GearScreen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.05.38 PM

Baby gear is getting cooler; it is also becoming more fantastical. There are pack ‘n plays that open with the touch of a single button. I find this entirely unnecessary, but I am impressed by the cool new swings that now swivel and move in a circular motion, among other things. The baby rocker has been all the rage lately, many touting the Rock ‘n Play to be the sleep solution for those babes particularly eager to fight his or her zzzz’s. We’ll probably keep our old-style swing that goes just one way (and turns into a vibrating-optional bouncer!), but I may or may not have spent an hour looking at the reviews and picking out which model I prefer in the new rocker.

The mini-crib and bassinet have gotten a few updates, making some models more co-sleeping friendly than just a few years ago. For example, swivel sleeper designs are getting a big push in mommy circles. As I’ve had two C-sections and will soon have another, this design is enticing but we’re opting to save our pennies (a lot of them) by using what we already have. I could justify buying into a few of these new updates but turns out timeless classics, like the old-school swing, are timeless for a reason.

My Pregnancy Week 17Gender Reveal Parties

I’m going to go out on a limb and just say I don’t quite get the practice of “gender reveals,” or more accurately, sex reveal announcements and parties. I think my observation here is how trendy having a baby has become. In random daydreams I wonder if the baby industry saw how lucrative the wedding industry was and found a way to amplify everything. Then social media magnified things even more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to hear someone else’s exciting news, but I also think this intensified anticipation about baby-ness contributes to the intensity of being pregnant.

After we found out the sex of each child, we called our parents and then texted or emailed our siblings and a few friends. That is way less stressful and low-key to me than a party, a photo shoot, or being surprised in front of a lot of people.  This may mostly reflect my style. I’m more introverted and subtle when it comes to my personal life (not so much when it comes to, for example, social justice issues). Whether the doctor tells me or I cut a cake, whether it’s at 14, 20, or 40 weeks—in all of the scenarios it’s an exciting, surprising moment.

We all have different ways of communicating things, and I appreciate that others enjoy the creativity and planning involved in sex reveal announcements.  Some have waited so long to be expecting that everything is worth celebrating! Continue on! It is, though, one example of how babies have become a trendy, share-worthy business lately.


Other eco-friendly, attachment parenting, what-have-you “trends,” like cloth diapering, might also fit into this category. I remember I was the first with a Moby, Baby Bjorn still only had the original, slim-seated model, and many of the popular brands—like Boba, Beco, and Ergo—had only their most basic styles. Tula was just a city in Russia. Baby wearing and other such things are more mainstream, seen much more often (though this may not be the case everywhere).  This last trend is one I’m definitely on board with!

Annie is a mom of a two- and three-year-old who finally is enjoying the full spectrum of food again. Hurrah and huzzah!

Being Gentle on New Parents

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Being Gentle on New ParentsIn June, on Father’s Day, a picture of a beaming father snuggling his young daughter appeared on Instagram. His face is full of joy and pride. It’s a beautiful photo. Unfortunately, the father happened to be incorrectly, and potentially dangerously, using a baby carrier. More unfortunately, the father happened to
be the rather well known actor, Ryan Reynolds.

Internet users were quick to point out how he was misusing the carrier and was potentially placing his daughter in danger. They were quick to offer advice on how he should properly position his daughter. They were quick to yell, quick to berate, quick to tell this perfect stranger how badly he was parenting and how he should be doing it instead.

Now, I’m not a famous person. I don’t have the thick skin that I hope they do. (By the way, his response was perfect.) But I’ve seen this reaction, time and time again, aimed at everyday moms and dads, and I can tell you that it’s enough to make the average person cry. Car seats, baby carriers, diapers, feeding, travel, sleep…everyone has an opinion and many are just waiting to aim theirs squarely at you. As a new parent you’re bumbling, you’re stumbling; you just want a little reassurance and a high five. Turn to the Internet, though, and what you’re likely to find is many people who just want to point out that you’re doing it all wrong. Not exactly the welcome to the online parenting 
community that we’d like, right?

So, can we all just step back a minute? Can we think back to a time when we didn’t have the Internet to make us think we know it all? Can you remember a time when maybe you didn’t use that baby carrier just the right way until a friend stepped in to help you adjust? Can you think of a time when you didn’t read every manual that came with every baby item before you first used it? Can you think of a time when you didn’t have a clue about what you were doing but you still found a way and were proud as heck that you and baby were surviving? I certainly can. Every time I write one of these blogs, I scrutinize every photo I submit just to make sure I’m not displaying to the world some gaff that I, as a brand-new, sleep deprived mother did not know I was committing.

So the next time you come across a photo on the Internet that makes you want to speak up, stop and try this first:

  1. Read the comments. Please, take just a minute to read the comments that others have already left. Has the same bit of information that you would like to impart already been left by 59 other commenters? Repeating what’s already been said simply makes well-intentioned advice seem like an assault.
  2. Assess the situation. Is the offense a matter of safety, or simply a matter of parenting differences? Did the original poster ask for opinions or help? If they didn’t, and if the situation is more about parenting styles, then just keep scrolling.
  3. Private Message. If the advice you wish to give is not already provided, or if you feel that you can offer more in depth detail or support, go ahead and send the mom or dad a private message if possible. If you’re telling someone that they’re doing it wrong, even if you simply intend to gently help them correct a safety issue, you’re better off doing it privately.
  4. Comment gently. Sometimes a private message is not always possible. If you’ve read the comments (or are the first commenter) and what you’d like to share hasn’t already been stated, proceed gently. Compliment the intention, even if the execution wasn’t flawless. Assume people honestly don’t know that they’re doing something unsafe. Something like “I LOVE seeing babywearing daddies! Isn’t it great to keep baby close? I happen to have the same carrier and know they can be tricky at first, so could I offer a tip? In this carrier, baby needs to have her legs above the waistband…” would have been a great way to approach the issue seen in the photo.

The Internet can be a fantastic place, full of information, entertainment, and social engagement. Unfortunately, the Internet can also be harsh, cold, and cruel. The distance between our fingers and the words that appear on the screen seems vast. The security of anonymity can lead us to say things to others that we may never say in person. So, type with care. Embrace those new moms and dads, make them feel welcome. Help them find secure footing in their rocky new world. Be kind.

 Kate Cunha lives in the Pacific NW with her husband and daughter. She is quite sure she doesn’t get it right all of the time.

Sunday Funday Giveaway: ERGObaby Front Pouch

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

ERGObaby has so many awesome babywearing accessories including THIS Front Pouch designed to attach to any ERGObaby Carrier. The front pouch velcros to the waistband of the ERGObaby carrier when worn in any position; front carry, back carry or hip carry. This is a convenient way to stash items you want quick access to such as keys, cell phone, wallet, chapstick, pacifier, etc. I use my pouch to store my camera so I can grab it quickly when the need to capture a special moment arises. Plus I like always having an exact place to put my camera. I was forever putting it down and losing it during outings with kids before investing in a pouch. The ERGObaby Front pouch has two exterior pockets; one with zipper closure and an interior keychain hook. Another cool feature of the ERGObaby Front Pouch is that it has a shoulder strap so you can use it without your ERGObaby carrier. The front pouch is a great addition to the ERGObaby Carrier hands free system!

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Good luck everyone!


Friday Family Spotlight: Meet Michelle’s Family

Friday, December 7th, 2012

I am very excited to introduce you to Michelle and her family! Michelle is actually a good friend of mine….one who I deeply admire as a mother. She is super gentle with her children and approaches challenges with humor and grace. Read on to learn more about her awesome family!

Who are the members of your family?

There’s me (Michelle), my husband James, who always seems to have his nose in a book. Our daughter Libby (7), who doesn’t hear you until you sing to her, our son Justus (4) who is normally walking around with some Lego contraption he built and our second son Gideon (2) who eats hummus by the spoonful (scratch that) handful.

How did you meet your significant other?

We met in high school. We went to rival high schools but we were both part of a group that would do activities with each other. He actually dated my best friend before I started dating him and she kind of set us up.

What is your favorite Mom’s Milk Boutique Product?

Right now I’m trying to build up my mama cloth stash so my favorite product is the Imse Vimse Menstrual Pads with Wings, I already have one set and I’m looking to buy more.

 What is your favorite baby carrier and why?

ERGO babycarrier is by far my favorite! I have four carriers: a sling, a wrap, and 2 Ergos (performance and original) I keep an Ergo in the car and one in the house. I love my other carriers for different stages but the Ergo I love that I can use it for just about any stage my babies are at. I still use it for my 2 ½ year old and have used it for other children while watching them; it’s how I know to calm a fussy child (besides nursing them).

What is the best and worst parenting advice you have ever been given?

Best advice was from my mom: you can never spoil a baby, pick them up as often as either you or baby needs to.

Worst advice was from a friend: your milk doesn’t come in for about a week so you should pick a formula before baby is born to feed them. I knew better than this because, although I was still pregnant with my first, I had already attended a La Leche League meeting or two and read the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

What’s your number one secret for stretching a dollar?

Meal planning has to be the biggest stretch of the dollar. If I go to the store without a plan for the week I end up spending a week’s worth of grocery budget but only have a couple meals and have to go back to the store for other things. If I plan it all out before I go to the store I have a full week’s worth of meals spending the same amount of money.

There's Giddy....enjoying some hummus!

Share one special family tradition you have:

My favorite Christmas tradition is, when we set up our Christmas tree we always play the Chipmunk Christmas CD’s. Since I was a kid I can remember doing this. My mom had them on record when we were kids but as soon as I found them on CD I bought one for each of my sisters and they both still carry on this tradition.

Thanks Michelle for sharing your family with us! And even though I know your family pretty well already, I learned a few new things about you! 🙂

Would you like to have your family featured in a Friday Family Spotlight AND win a FREE $10 gift certificate to Mom’s Milk Boutique for your participation? If so email with the subject line “Friday Family Spotlight Inquiry” and share something interesting about your family in your email message.

Happy Friday Everyone!!


How to Video: Front Carry in an ERGObaby Carrier

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

The ERGObaby Carrier is one of my all-time favorite carriers. I have been using an ERGO with my boys for over 5 years now! A friend of mine who has the most gorgeous 6th month old recently asked me how I do the front carry in an ERGObaby Carrier. So like any normal friend would do, I made a video blog post to answer her question, lol!

In the video below, I demonstrate how to do the front carry with my almost FOUR year old! While he is within the weight limitations (maximum weight is 45lbs), I do not wear him anymore. In the rare circumstance I would need to wear him, I would likely put him on my back. However my 21 month toddler, who I still wear almost daily, was not at all interested in getting in the ERGO once he saw the camera. No way was he getting in the ERGO when there was a camera screen to look at. After several failed attempts to video me putting Izzy in the ERGO (I could post some funny outtakes!), I asked Abraham to help me out instead…