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Cloth Diapering a Solid Food Eater

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

CLoth diapering a solid food eaterThe days of only bottle/breast feeding come to an end eventually. Perhaps this is a time of joy if you are tired of washing bottles or you are feeling like a 24-hour drive thru window lately. With solid food comes a whole new world of diaper changes.

If your baby nursed up until this point you may have rarely dealt with cleaning bowel movements as exclusively breast-fed poop tends to be water soluble and can go straight into the wash.

The change might take time. When introducing solids, your child may take in so little that you don’t notice a difference. At some point between 6 months and a year, most kids undergo a change in the consistency of their bowel movements. It may be more marked for breast-fed children. You will know it when you see it. A child’s poop may look different than others’, some more plop-able and others more peanut-butter yucky. If you are unsure of your babe’s bowel movement tendencies and patterns always check with your pediatrician to ensure your babe’s health is in order.

Otherwise, consider these tips in dealing with the new poo:

  • Liners are your friend, especially for out and about if you don’t want to dunk and swish your diapers in public toilets or carry a very dirty diaper with you until you return home. Liners often catch everything or at least limit the mess. Some are cut wider or longer than others. We like GroVia liners best. Though they are wide enough to stick out of the diaper slightly, that means they also generally keep poop from getting into the elastic areas of the diaper.
  • Diaper sprayers add a level of intensity to your arsenal of diaper cleaning tools. Most attach to your toilet, though there are options that can attach to your sink. You can also use a shower head if it stretches to your toilet. The power of water helps to almost all remnants of poop removed from the diaper, but the power of spray can also cause messes.
  • Solutions for messy spraying. Get to know your sprayer. I find I can manage the water pressure with how tightly I squeeze the handle on my sprayer. You may be able to negotiate water pressure by turning the nozzle directly on your toilet, lowering the amount of water the pipe allows through. Or there is always the Spray Pal if you’d like another gadget where you can clip in your diaper and spray with all your might without fear of poop on your toes. Diaper Dawg also has a few accessories that can help with preventing messes.
  • Know your child. Maybe your kiddo is a morning pooper or napping pooper. The sooner you get that diaper off, the easier the poop usually comes off (and the happier your kiddo’s skin will be too!). Or use liners only at those times you know your kiddo often has a bowel movement so you don’t waste liners. (Some people reuse liners once washed if they were only urinated on.)
  • Likewise, spray/scrape/swish as you go if possible. Some prefer to wait and do all the poopy diapers at once. As they sit though they often dry, often making the poop harder to remove. If you are going to let them sit, do not leave out in the open where little hands can get to them. Wrap them shut and place them out of your child’s reach.

Lynette Moran shares her life with her husband and two sons, ages 1 and 3 years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living. 

Improving the “not so glamorous” side of cloth diapering

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

As much as I love a fluffy baby bum, there are a few less than glamorous parts to cloth diapering. Okay really there is just one; toddler poop. (I am willing to bet you just nodded in agreement 🙂 ). There are a few ways to help make this aspect of cloth diapering a bit more ‘pleasant’.

Diaper Sprayer –  A diaper sprayer allows you to easily rinse the messiest of diapers right into the toilet! Diaper sprayers attach directly to your toilet for easy and convenient access. They are a super effective way to rinse poopy diapers before washing. If you haven’t tried one, you need to! It’s definitely one of those cloth diapering accessories that can really improve your experience with using cloth.

Flushable Liners – Flushable liners make washing cloth diapers a breeze! You simply place the liner on the cloth diaper so it touches baby’s skin. The liner will allow urine through but will prevent solids from getting onto the diaper, omitting the need to dunk or spray poopy diapers. The liner, along with the mess, is simply flushed away!

High Quality WetbagWhen you are out and about and baby poops, carrying that poopy diaper home to be washed is much more pleasant task if you have a high quality wetbag. The purpose of a wetbag is to contain odors, germs, and moisture. You want to be sure your wetbag does not wick or leak and that it is size-able enough to hold multiple diapers on long outings.

Elimination Communication – Elimination Communication can omit almost entirely the need to ever deal with rinsing toddler poop from a cloth diaper. It is hands-down my best defense against dealing with messy diapers!

Delayed Solids –  Okay, in all fairness avoiding toddler poop is probably not a valid reason to delay solids…rather it’s one of the benefits of delaying solids, among many other.

Hybrid Diapers  Hybrid cloth diapering systems combine the ecological benefits of cloth with the convenience of disposables. Hybrid systems utilize a disposable insert that can be flushed, composted (not to be used in veggie garden compost), or thrown away.

Often times when people are considering switching to cloth diapers, they are concerned about dealing with the poop. While truth be told dunking dirty dipes is not my favorite activity however it IS well worth the ecological and economical benefits to me!

Do you have any special tips or product suggestions for dealing with messy diapers? Would love to hear from you! 🙂


Cloth Diaper Storage

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

I am super excited because I recently (as in today) re-ogranized our cloth diapering area. Yes folks, this is the kind of stuff that excites me. 🙂 Our old system was not very functional and not only made it cumbersome to diaper baby, but it was also rather cumbersome to wash/put clean diapers away. I have been wanting to organize it for a long time to streamline the diapering and laundry process. I finally did it today and my diaper area now looks like this:

Ohhh…ahhhh, right?!? The four metal baskets and the frame were the deal of the day yesterday at Ikea for $9.99! (I love all things Ikea!) They actually hold a surprisingly large amount of diapers and the unit is quite durable. The black metal diaper pail (also from Ikea) is the same one I have used for a long time, it’s just now located in a more convenient spot; next to the diapering area which is so much better than carrying the dirty diapers to the pail like we used to do.

I organized each drawer by type of diaper. My all-in-ones and pre-stuffed pockets are in the top drawer. These are my everyday diapers. The second drawer has my fitteds and covers in it, which are primarily used for overnight diapers. The third drawer is full of random diapering accessories such as wetbags, liners, inserts, changing pad, etc. The bottom drawer is my remaining fitted diapers and of course my Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy.

What I love about this new organization system is that it is in the bathroom! This is highly functional because it’s near running water for using cloth wipes, the toilet for dunking or spraying dirty dipes, and the bathtub for those occasional diaper emergencies when a quick bath would be way more efficient/effective than using a bizillion wipes. I can either change baby on the countertop or on the floor. I have a changing pad I can put out as needed, but I don’t use it every time. The little turquoise basket on the countertop holds our cloth wipes. I can wet them as needed or spray baby’s bum with a water bottle. It feels like everything I need to quickly and neatly cloth diaper is right within hands reach. My son’s clothes are in a dresser right outside the bathroom door so everything to dress baby is nearby too. I love it!!

It’s taken me a while to figure out the best cloth diapering storage area for our house and family’s needs, but I am super stoked about this set-up and wanted to share!  And my favorite part is the total cost was $10!

What does your cloth diaper storage area look like? What do you use to store your diapers? Would love to hear what works for you!



Sunday Funday Giveaway | bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Are you set with your cloth diapering system but looking to branch into expanding your cloth diapering accessories? One awesome product for cloth diapering families is a diaper sprayer. If you have not tried one, you need to! A diaper sprayer allows you to easily rinse the messiest of diapers right into the toilet! The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer attaches directly to your toilet for easy, convenient access although is designed to store out of the way when not being used. You don’t need any special plumbing skills or tools to hook it up. All the parts are included as well as easy to follow directions. Are you interested in using a bumGenius Diaper Sprayer to rinse those extra messy cloth diapers? Follow the directions below to enter a giveaway for a FREE bumGenius Diaper Sprayer!

Top 5 Cloth Diapering Accessories

Friday, October 14th, 2011


If you are new to cloth diapering, the thought of diapering accessories might make you chuckle. I know I wondered “what in the world is a diaper accessory? Like diaper swag or something?” I quickly realized the term encompassed products designed to make using cloth diapers as effective, simple, and convenient as possible.

Cloth Wipes
If you are cloth diapering you might also want to consider using cloth wipes. They are super easy to use and far less expensive than using disposable wipes. You can wet them right at the time of use with a spray bottle or directly from the tap. Another option is to pre-wet them with water or a wipe solution and store in a water proof container. Optimally you would have around 25+ wipes in your rotation to ensure you have clean ones available on wash day.



Doublers and Inserts
A doubler or an insert is used to provide an extra layer of absorbency for your cloth diapers. Typically a doubler is used with a flat, prefold, or all-in-one while an insert is used to stuff in a pocket diaper, however they can be used interchangeably. They are helpful to use for overnight diapers, a ‘heavy-wetter’, or older children who tend to urinate less frequently but in large amounts.



Wetbags and Pail Liners
Wetbags and pail liners are used to store dirty diapers containing both the mess and the odor until wash day. A wetbag is smaller and usually holds about 3 diapers. It is used for when you are out and about to hold your dirty cloth diapers. They are an essential item in your diaper bag. You probably want at least 3 wetbags in your rotation so you always have a clean one available. A pail liner is used to store diapers at home and is available in two styles; a hanging pail or a liner for a trash can. A hanging pail can be hung from a hook or a doorknob. A pail liner can be used with a regular 13 gallon trash bin. On wash day you simply dump everything from your pail into your washing machine and then place your dirty pail in too. You will want at least two pails in your rotation so you always have a clean one available.

Cleaning Detergents
You will want to be sure to select a detergent that is ‘safe’ for cloth diapers. Many commonly used household detergents will cause build-up on your diapers and interfere with the absorbency of them. There are many brands well known to be safe for cloth diapers and any of these would be an excellent choice. You may experiment a little before determing what wash routine and detergent works best for your cloth diapers and baby’s skin.



Diaper Sprayer
A diaper sprayer is a hose and nozzle that attaches directly to your toilet and is used to clean messy (ie-poopy) diapers. You can spray your diapers off right into the toilet and then flush the mess away where it belongs. Diaper sprayers are a great tool for cloth diapering families and really make cleaning cloth a cinch! They are easy to install and come with all necessary parts for installation.

What cloth diaper accessory is a must-have on your list? What detergent have you found works best for your diapers?