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How to Dye Play Silks

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

freshly dyed silks drying in the sun

Looking for a simple, homemade Holiday gift you can make to give to your child(ren)? Play silks might be the perfect thing! If you are not familiar with play silks, they are a guaranteed winner with young children. What are they exactly you might wonder? Well as the name implies they are basically a piece of silk fabric for children to play with. The open-ended nature of a play silk inspires children’s imaginations. Play silks become various costumes or props such as a wizard’s cape, a baby’s blanket, a pirate’s headscarf, a fairy’s wings, or a princess’ skirt.  Silk is a beautiful, smooth, light weight, all natural fabric that children will enjoy incorporating into their dramatic play in a variety of ways. You can purchase ready-made play silks averaging around $10-$12 a piece, OR you can easily make your own for almost half the cost. Plus it’s a fun project and it’s special to give your child a handmade gift!

Supplies Needed:

  • White silks (you can purchase from Dharma Trading Company; 35 x 35  is the standard size of a play silk, but it’s also fun to have a variety of sizes)
  • Kool-aid or food coloring (ideally two packets of kool-aid per silk or approximately 20 drops of food coloring)
  • Vinegar

The possibilities are endless with play silks!


Fill a large pot with water. Add one cup a vinegar and two packets of Kool-aid. Bring to a gentle boil. Add play silk and reduce heat. Let play silk simmer gently for approximately 10 minutes stirring frequently. If you want one solid color be sure to turn silk while stirring to ensure even coloring otherwise it will have a tie dye look. Remove from heat and squeeze all excess water from silk. You can hang dry in the sun or place in the dryer for a few minutes to further set the color with heat. And viola! That’s it! Super easy, huh?

It takes some time depending on how many differently colored silks you make because you have to dye each color separately. Although if you had multiple pots you could do a few different colors at one time. You could also get creative and dye one silk with multiple colors. The best part is the next part; watching your child(ren) imagine, explore, and discover with their play silks!

What homemade gifts are you making for your child(ren) or family members this Holiday? Would love to hear from all the crafty mamas!


PS. I got some new fluff in the mail to review! Tomorrow’s review is of the Econobum prefold and cover.