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Pregnancy Week 22: Deciding Decor

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Pregnancy Week 22: Deciding DecorAs this pregnancy continues I’m feeling pretty great. This week has been mostly about getting caught up from all my rearranging and organizing projects–isn’t it funny how you need to catch up from organizing? The baby’s room has been moved around and I’m starting to see a theme in there.

As I start to see his room emerge, I see what I want to craft and make for this boy. His brothers each received a name banner for over their cribs, and this one will also. But it’s a little tricky deciding what kind of colors this boy will be–as it tends to influence what kind of decor and items they will receive as they grow.

My first born was grey and orange, a temperamental little boy with defined tastes and very clear definitions of right, wrong and fairness. Grey is very much his color–he wanders from fairness and equality on his own terms.

Pregnancy Week 22: Deciding DecorMy second son was blue and chocolate browns–warm, fuzzy and pure snuggly baby. He is a puppy of a child, playful, strong willed and very loving. He also has his moods–when he’s happy he’s happy and when he’s blue he’s blue.

And this boy seems to be greens, browns and whites–earthy and natural with a definite grounded sense. He lets his brothers rule the roost as they like to, without being a pushover to the bigger boys. Yes, I think this might be who this baby is.

My energy is kicking into high gear this week, and I’m enjoying being able to play with the boys a bit more. Maybe because this is my third baby I’m taking advantage of the extra energy a bit more and really enjoying finishing projects. Right now I’m making homemade pear sauce for this little guy’s future meals, along with finishing up canning tomato sauce.  I can dream of feeding this baby boy some fantastic pasta next summer as he begins to eat solids from our garden.

Pia Watzig is a stay at home mom of two little boys, with a third on the way this fall. She enjoys canning, gardening and trying to cram as much fun into summer before life becomes crazy again.