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Product Review: FLIP Day Time Organic Cotton Insert

Friday, April 19th, 2013

FLIP diapers offer several different insert options including a disposable, a day time, a night time, an organic, and even a newborn option…see there are lots to choose from! While options are fun, they can also sometimes be confusing. I have a tried a few of the different insert options from FLIP and have a favorite..BUT before I reveal my favorite insert option let me tell you a little about the Day Time Organic Cotton Insert.

First off it is large. Check out the photo below to get a feel of the size. On the top is the FLIP Night Time Organic Insert and on the bottom is the Day Time Organic Cotton Insert.

This may sound silly but the size kind of threw me as to how to properly fold the Day Time Organic Cotton Insert. I had to mess around with it a bit to figure out how the best way to fold it. On the other hand the Night Time Organic Cotton insert is pretty much self-explanatory when it comes to folding it.

The second thing I noticed about the Day Time Organic Cotton insert is how thin it is. Of course you can increase the absorbency depending on how you fold it. However even when using a fold allowing for the maximum amount of layers, the insert remains relatively thin. This is in part to be as trim fitting as possible during the day, but also to encourage early potty training by letting your baby feel moisture more readily. This feature may or may not appeal to you depending on your child’s age. Additionally the thin insert results in an extra fast dry time. In the photo below check out the folded Day Time Organic Cotton Insert on the left-hand side compared to the folded Night Time Organic Cotton Insert on the right-hand side to get a feel for the difference in thickness between the two.

When I use the Day Time Organic Cotton Insert I feel like it scrunches up in the FLIP cover instead of staying put. Although this could be in part due to the learning curve with how to fold it? All in all it does effectively do it’s job as an absorbent layer. Plus I like that 1) it’s organic and 2) that it’s designed to encourage potty training. If you prefer organic fibers and want a thinner layer for potty training, trim fitting, and fast-drying purposes than this is a great insert choice for you. However it is not my first choice among the FLIP insert options.

Out of the 3 FLIP inserts I have tried (Day Time Organic Cotton, Night Time Organic Cotton, and Stay Dry), I prefer the Stay Dry Inserts. While they are not organic, I like the ease of not having to fold anything. You simply place the insert right into the cover and it’s a great fit both in width and length. I also think the Stay Dry Insert is the mostcompatible as either an insert or a liner with other brands of cloth diapers.

Have you tried the FLIP Day Time Organic Cotton Inserts? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from readers!