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Exercising with Toddlers

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

exercising with toddlers“I exercise.  Just kidding, I chase toddlers all day.” I saw this quote on a coffee mug and it fits me perfectly. It’s true, chasing toddlers and keeping up with them can sometimes be all that I have in me, but I do strive to get formal exercise into my days a few times a week. I’m not going to claim that it is easy, but it can happen.

I have learned that putting on a workout video in my house does not work. Why? Because, the second I turn on the television for something like that, the kids start shouting out requests of their favorite television shows or characters. Maybe I need to look for workout videos that include these characters. After the kids go to sleep, I’m usually ready to do the same or at least relax. It is very rare that I get to escape by myself to hit up the gym or an exercise class. So, I’ve learned to work with what I’ve got for now.

Here are some of the things that seem to work well for me and my toddlers:

  • Dance Parties.  We dance a lot.  They love to listen to music and dance and I take advantage of that when I need to get my heart rate up, break a sweat, and have some fun.

  • Jogging.  I put the kids in the jogging stroller and head out for a run around the park near our house. They are only good for about one mile before they want to get out or start pinching each other.

  • Twist and shout.  In the middle of playtime, you can find me and my kids doing side bends, leg lifts, or other stretches while we shout out numbers or the alphabet to count our movements.

  • Walks. When I am looking to get some fresh air and take an adventure in nature, we go for walks to keep us moving.

Sarah Cole is a writer and a stay at home mom to her two busy toddlers.  The more they move the more she moves.