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Natural Mama: Week-by-Week Pregnancy Updates for the Crunchy Mom

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

natural mama pregnancy updatesThis is my third pregnancy, and let’s be honest. I have days where I forget I am pregnant. With my first, I was addicted to Babycenter and all of their weekly updates. There was so much information online that I felt like I needed to know.  I wanted to know what vegetable was comparable for the week and what I should and shouldn’t be feeling. This time around, I have been elated to have discovered Mama Natural.

Genevieve is Mama Natural. She shares her story, personal experience, and wisdom on her website. Recently, they started a week by week guide to pregnancy as Genevieve is going through pregnancy as well. Let’s just say this will rock your world.

Each week, you get a text delivered to your phone. Hello! How easy is that! The text has a little greeting, reminds you where you are in your pregnancy, and provides a link to view more information that is relevant for you. It’s basically a week-by-week email and web series that gives you updates.

This week, I am just past 20 weeks pregnant. My weekly update provided:

  • Information on what baby is like at 20 weeks
  • A nice pep talk for how momma is at 20 weeks pregnant
  • A video of Genevieve at 20 weeks pregnant (So nice to see another momma with a growing tummy like mine)
  • A spotlight article on how to sleep safely while pregnant
  • Additional links about pregnancy (Love the Doula Interview!)
  • Things to do at 20 weeks

This update is practical but also creative and different. I even received another text this week with a bonus video about natural childbirth. Mama Natural has not been a disappointment. These days I barely remember to take my prenatals, so a weekly text delivered to my IPhone is just perfect. I’ll admit I don’t always read every article or watch the video each week. But, it’s there if I have the time and energy.

So, momma, if you’re expecting, try this website and updates out. It’s much more entertaining that Babycenter, and I promise you will feel like you are doing you and your baby some good.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 2 in Southern Illinois at the current moment. She can’t wait to meet baby #3 this fall.