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Helping Pets Adjust to a Mobile Baby

Monday, October 17th, 2016

When researching about pets and babies when I was pregnant with my first, I found lots of information about introducing a new baby to your pets.  Other than Peanut needing to try out all the new baby stuff, once we brought our babies home, our pets, Midnight (a lab mix) and Peanut (an orange kitty) adapted well.  Midnight loved the baby instantly both times.  Peanut was a little jealous of the attention the baby received but adjusted quickly.

Introducing the girls was the easy part.  Once they started to crawl, and then walk, we needed to teach them how to treat the animals so that both our pets and children were safe.  This is an ongoing process, but we want both our pets and kids to be safe and happy.  Most of the following rules we have for interacting with the animals are common sense, but they take monitoring and reminding the kids how to be kind to the pets.  Some days I’m amazed at how many times I request that my 3-year-old moves her face away from the cat’s!

  1. If the dog or cat is sleeping, let them sleep and leave them alone.

  2. Keep your face away from the dog or cat’s.  Do not face nudge the cat, even if she has done so to you in the past.

  3. Stay clear of the dog and cat when they’re eating.

  4. No grabbing the dog and cat’s tails, legs, or ears.

  5. Do not try to ride or climb on the dog.

  6. Pet nicely (from head to tail) and limit the duration of pets.  Be conscious your pets’ body language so you know when to stop petting.

  7. When out walking, always ask another dog’s owner if the dog is friendly before trying to pet him.

In addition to the above rules, we have spaces for each pet to go that is their personal area so when the kids get to be too much, they can retreat and have some peace.  Both our pets are very tolerant and understanding of kids.  This does not mean that we let our guard down.  We love our kids and our fur babies, so we constantly watch how they interact and remind the kids how to appropriately treat the pets so that everyone is safe and happy in our home.

Becky Nagel is a stay at home mom to two girls, a three year old and a one year old, in Denver, CO who enjoys cooking for her family, running, and hiking.



Keeping a Mobile Baby Clean

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Keeping a mobile baby cleanMy baby boy just started moving, and with his newfound mobility has come a whole other issue: cleanliness. He seems to be rapidly getting into everything, wanting to touch, explore and see what his world is about. But as he begins to explore, I’m finding new ways to keep him clean in his environment.

One of my favorites tricks for cleanliness is keeping a damp washcloth in a ziplock to give them a good wipe down after a play. Those nooks and crannies, between the fingers and toes, wrist and leg folds, neck and belly roll are the easiest places to miss trapped debris–and the first places to begin to smell or get chaffed. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is beneficial for most babies.

A big blanket that is solely theirs to play on is very helpful. I try to leave my baby on his blanket and out of the dirt, grime and various other things his brothers like to get into. It also gives baby a bit of borders and starts setting limits as to what they can do.

When in doubt, what about baby wearing? I find my little guy loves to hang out and explore our day-to-day activities from my back. He stays nice and clean, safe and has a clear vantage point to survey the scene.

keeping a mobile baby clean

Items such as baby powder for removing sand, baby wipes for quick stickiness, tissues and washcloths help tremendously in keeping these mobile babies safe. I like to keep these in a tote in my car to help for quick clean ups and messes.

Just remember, as important as it is to keep them clean, it’s equally important to let them explore and have fun. Let them down to mess in the dirt, mud, sand and water!!  Dirty is good once in a while, and baby can always have fun getting clean!

Pia Watzig is a stay-at-home mom to three crazy boys. She lives in gorgeous Portland, Oregon. 

Working From Home With a Mobile Baby

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Working from Home with a Mobile BabyAs I type this blog post, my 16-month-old is in my lap nursing; not the easiest way to work, but I can get the job done. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my babies in addition to having a full time job. I would not change my situation for the world, but it can be challenging at times.

Here are a few tips for working at home with a mobile baby:

  • Take advantage of naps. This would be my number one tip. I can get so much done during nap time. I make sure I do everything I can do to prep my work area while the babies are awake so that I can go straight to work once I put them down.
  • Have office-only toys for baby to play with. This is a no brainer, but I always have a few toys ready for my babies to play with in my office while I am working. They can entertain themselves while seeing me and I can get work done. I love that I can interact with them while working. You can keep these toys separate from their regular toys, or rotate them out so whatever is in the office is always new and exciting.
  • Nurse your baby. I have gotten pretty adept at typing with one hand while nursing. If my baby is fussy and I must get some work done I will nurse. I also nurse to keep my baby quiet while I am on conference calls just in case I need to un-mute my phone and speak.
  • Have snacks ready to go. I prepare bite-sized fruit ahead of time to give my babies for their morning and afternoon snacks. I move the high chair into my office, and they get to snack while I am working. This way I do not have to take a break to get them snacks.
  • Be flexible. I think this is a must for all moms. You never know what your baby will do or need; sometimes I have to work in the afternoons or weekends when my husband is home in order to get the job done. Thankfully, my employer understands my need to be flexible and we have both benefited from me working from home.

How do you get work done with kids at home? What is your secret?

Kristen Beggs works from home while keeping up with a three-year-old and a sixteen-month old.