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Tasty Tuesday: Breakfast Scones

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

So this Tasty Tuesday recipe is bucking the trend for me.¬† 1. It’s NOT vegan and 2. It’s NOT healthy…BUT it IS tasty! ūüôā I recently visited the most darling family owned bookstore/coffee house where I¬†ordered a¬†Soy Chai Tea Latte to keep me company while I browsed through the books. The owner tempted me with her fresh out of the oven homemade orange-cranberry scones¬†and I simply could not resist. They smelled so delicious and proved to be the perfect compliment for my tea. I enjoyed my little treat while cruising shelf after shelf of gently used books. It was such a lovely way to enjoy a rainy afternoon!

Since that day I have been slightly obsessed with making scones. In fact I¬†have made them each morning for the last 6 days; each day experimenting with a different flavor.¬†So far orange-peach has been my favorite.¬†I honestly don’t know how I got through 33 years of life never having made scones before. I guess I had NO idea they were so easy (granted I am cheating a little by using a pancake mix). For the past week waking up each morning to enjoy a freshly made scone (or two) with¬†a hot cup of tea while reading my book has been completely¬†heavenly. So wonderful that I wanted to share this super simple recipe with you!


1 1/2 cups of your favorite pancake mix (the kind that you only have to add water)

1/2 cup of your favorite milk (I have used coconut and almond)

Your choice of mix-ins. Some ideas include: cinnamon-apple, lemon poppy seed, mixed berry, orange cranberry, or chocolate chip. My favorite so far was the morning I made a batch of orange-peach scones with orange zest and a freshly chopped peach. They were so yummy!

sugar, for sprinkling on top


Pre-heat oven to 400. Mix all ingredients together, including whatever mix-ins you are using. Kneed dough together with hands and flatten into a circle on floured surface. Cut into 8 triangles much like you would cut a pizza or a pie. Sprinkle each triangle with sugar. Bake on an un-greased cookie sheet for approximately 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Abandon the $4.00 per scone prices you find at the fancy coffee shop and make your own batch to enjoy by yourself…or better yet invite some girlfriends over for scones and tea! ūüôā

What’s your favorite scone flavor? Would love some ideas of new flavors to try!