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Fan Photo Friday: A Celebration of Mama’s Milk!

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

This week’s Fan Photo Friday is in honor of all our breastfeeding fans because mama’s milk is definitely worth celebrating! Here are the awesome photos submitted by readers who wanted to join in our celebration of mama’s milk. Check them out…

Here’s Jane with her 7 week old nursling on a boat in a very peaceful, secluded part of Lake Nippissing in Restoule, Ontario located about 10 hours from their home. They travel to the area every year, and even though she had recently given birth to their first child, she didn’t want to miss the chance of welcoming her little one to wonders of this area. What a great family tradition to now share with your son!


Here’s 6 month old Clara and her mama enjoying lunch together. This is a total impromptu picture taken by her 3 year old who was set on taking a picture of momma and little sister.  Turns out to be one of her favorite pictures because it captures such a precious and fleeting time together.


Here’s Max and his mama. His mom says, “Even though I look terrible in the photo, and was embarrassed my mom even took it, I now treasure it. Max was born 5 weeks early weighing only 4 lb 9 oz. He is 5 days old in this picture. The NICU nurses and everyone else told me not to even try nursing, he was too small and weak to do it, and they supplemented him with formula against my wishes while I was on magnesium sulfate. He never had a drop of formula after we brought him home and he nursed for 14 months. I am so proud of him and me for sticking with it even though the odds were against us!” Amazing photo and story! Thanks for sharing both with us and congrats on 14 months of sharing mama’s milk with your son! 🙂


Here’s Lucas at about 5 weeks old when he finally started latching correctly. He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and mom is happy to report he nurses like a champ now! She just loves the look on his face in this picture. It’s as though he’s saying “yup mom, I got it now!” 🙂


This is Jennifer’s daughter at 3 months old. Jennifer loves this pictures because “it shows what baby looks like when the milk lets down…her eyes always roll back like  it is the most amazing thing in the world!”. I totally know exactly the look you are talking about and it IS the best!


Here’s Joey (we’ve seen a few pics of this cutie patootie during Fan Photo Fridays!) at 6ish months old. Much to his mama’s surprise, he decided for the first time that he wanted to sit up while nursing. I love it when babies sit up while nursing. Also I spy some awesome Mom’s Milk Boutique products in this photo including Baltic Amber Jewelery and Econobum diaper cover.


And last but not least here’s my own 16 month old nursling taking a break on a walk to enjoy a little mama’s milk together.


Thanks to all who shared their breastfeeding photos with us. So fun to see a variety of nurslings! The winner of this week’s Fan Photo Friday and the 25 Milk Miles is… Max and his mama!!

Okay get ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday. Let’s see some Fluffy Bums! Send a photo of your baby in a favorite cloth diaper to by Thursday, June 28. Be sure to include any information you want shared such as age of child, type of diaper, why it is a favorite, etc. Then check back on Friday, June 28 to see some seriously cute babies and their fluffy bottoms! Winner gets 25 Milk Miles deposited into their account!!