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Sunday Funday Giveaway: La Leche League Pull Over Sleep Bra

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

La Leche League is one of my favorite organizations that provides breastfeeding information and support to women all around the globe! I have attended my local La Leche League group’s monthly meeting for almost 4 years now! I am filled with gratitude for the positive impact LLL has had on my journey as a mother. 🙂

Did you know that in addition to the wonderful support they provide women, LLL has created a line of nursing bras? And because this organization KNOWS the needs of nursing mamas, you can be assured their nursing bras are top notch! And now Mom’s Milk Boutique carries a variety of LLL Nursing Bras, including this Pull Over Sleep Bra.

The LLL Pull Over Sleep Bra is designed for easy access to mama’s milk with its with cross-over pull down opening. It’s perfect for night time nursing when comfort is a top priority and you are way to sleepy to mess with straps, hooks, and the like. The bra is made from a soft blend of cotton and spandex making it super comfy and with a little wiggle room to grow with changes that occur in breast size during nursing. The bra comes in sizes ranging from small to double extra large.

Would you like to win a FREE La Leche League Pull Over Sleep Bra? Then be sure to enter this week’s giveaway below! One winner will be selected at random on Sunday, April 7. Winner will be notified via email and is asked to reply within 48 hours of receiving email.

Good Luck All!


Who’s Who at Mom’s Milk Boutique: Meet Sarah

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Welcome to the fifth and final Mom’s Milk Boutique Employee Spotlight. In case you missed the other amazing team members who make up Mom’s Milk Boutique, you can check them out here: Allison. Bonnie, Abbie, and Bryanna! And just in case you don’t already know enough about Sarah from this blog (lol!), here’s a little more about her:

What is your title and role at MMB? How long have you been working there? I was hired in September 2011 as a Social Media Coordinator. Basically I do all things blog related which means I work from home in my PJs with my 3 silly kids bouncing all around me…it’s a seriously awesome gig!


What is your top favorite product at MMB? Easy! Hands down the BobaAIR! While I LOVE many of the products here at MMB, the BobaAIR gets daily use in my family so it definitely qualifies as our current favorite.

What is your favorite babycarrier and why? I have three favorite carriers! The MobyWrap is my favorite for newborns because it’s super soft and snuggly all while providing baby and mama with maximum support and optimal positioning. The ERGObaby Carrier is my favorite infant carrier because it’s super easy to use and extra comfy even when wearing baby for a long period of time. The BobaAIR is my favorite toddler babycarrier because of how lightweight it is. I bring it everywhere with us so I always have a backup option when my toddler is too tired to walk or let’s face it, when I need him happily contained. 😉

What does your cloth diaper stash look like? Very well loved! This is a nice way of saying heavily used. While I have some newbies in there, a majority of my stash is on its 3rd kid and the wear and tear is definitely starting to show. However the diapers are still fully functional so I just keep plugging away with them. Over the years I have collected a random assortment of diapers trying to take advantage of various sales and specials as they come up. The result is a rather eclectic stash and I quite enjoy the variety.

Who are the members of your family? My high school sweetheart Buzz. With his eternal optimism, quiet confidence, and adventurous spirit he makes me feel as though anything we dream is possible. I love this man! Our 3 kidlets: Jeremiah (6) the thrill seeker, Abraham (4) the chatterbox, and Isaiah (almost 2) the cuddlebug. Oh and can’t forget our furbaby Jonah!

What do you like to do for recreation? Well, it’s no secret that I like to run. I am currently averaging about 35 miles a week. Trails runs are my absolute favorite! When I am not running, I’m cooking…which go hand in hand quite nicely because running definitely makes me extra hungry! 🙂 My hubby likes to run too, so we often go on “running dates” when we can swing a sitter for the kidlets. I also enjoy yoga and reading. As a family we like to hike, picnic, and swim…basically we love being outdoors!

Share a favorite family tradition: We spend a good chunk of the summer in a quaint, mountain town in Colorado. Without question THIS is my favorite family tradition. The kids spend most of their day outside, climbing rocks, finding interesting sticks, digging in the dirt, and simply exploring nature. I sit nearby sipping ice tea while enjoying a good book or chatting with hubby. In the evenings we enjoy soaking in the hot tub or sitting around the campfire. We also get to spend a great deal of time with extended family members in Colorado which fills my heart with absolute love and joy!

What is one tip you have for breastfeeding mamas? Eat well and stay hydrated.

What are some of your favorite “me” time indulgences? Well unlike Bonnie, I adore being alone, lol! A solo run on a technical trail is pure bliss for me and can recharge my spirit for days…even weeks! I also really enjoy going to coffee houses with a good book, however will take occasional breaks from reading to simply people watch. I like browsing thrift stores for hidden treasure. I love locking the bathroom door and soaking in the tub! Oddly enough I actually quite enjoy cleaning my house under the following two conditions 1) I get to play my choice of music super loud and 2) there are no children making incredible messes for me to clean up in the adjoining room. And just so I don’t sound like a total loner, I also love meeting a friend for lunch or a cup of tea and conversing about life.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I really had to think about this one…nothing immediately came to mind. After pondering it for a bit, I realized I would love if I could transport myself through time and space to different places and eras, both past and future.

What is one of your favorite quotes? For some reason Jack Johnson’s lyric “Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions is my heart” was the first thing that came to mind. I have a lot of favorite quotes, but I guess for today, in the moment, that one is my favorite. 🙂

What are your goals/intentions/resolutions for this New Year? Talk Less, Listen More.

Thanks for letting me share about myself and my family!

Peace all!