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My Pregnancy: Week 28

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

My Pregnancy: Week 28It’s time ladies. The time of discomfort is quickly approaching. I knew I couldn’t hold it off forever. For some the discomfort is slight; others it’s nearly unbearable. With three third trimesters in my experience now, allow me to share a few things that make those last 13 weeks comfortable for me.

Compression socks. Buy them now; thank me later. If you approach the third trimester in the heat of summer or just have too much style to wear these socks by day, consider wearing them at night. They help reduce water retention and the feeling of tired legs. These socks offer a similar effect of elevating your legs, encouraging excess water to move on up from your legs so your body can process it out. Don’t fall for the inexpensive compression socks that fill most of the drugstore aisle. Look specifically for the very firm or medical-grade support that you can buy at the drugstore or online. Mine were twenty-something a pair full price, and I make it just fine with two pair. Ask your doctor if you need further insight. I wear them especially on days when I know I will sit or stand for long periods. When we took a 6-hour round trip drive Christmas day, I sported them the whole time, as did I on Thanksgiving day and during the holidays when I was baking and doing more than usual.

Stretchy clothes. Working requires a wardrobe that sometimes can’t allow for ultimate comfort. When possible, embrace the comfort. Invest in a few pair of underwear that don’t cut into your skin! I didn’t want to justify this purchase, thinking it an indulgence with only a couple months of pregnancy left. Oh the comfort and confidence that comes with properly fitting undergarments! They offer support, coverage, and smooth you out instead of adding lumps or creases under your clothing. Even buying a three-pack that you wash often will allow you to enjoy the comfort without indulging your budget too much.

Other maternity-specific support. Look for transitional nursing bras now that can last you the end of pregnancy until you’re able to invest in highly supportive bras in the weeks after birth once your size and supply balance out. Bra extenders may get you through at a very low cost. Belly support also can give you an overall sense of comfort and stability as your weight shifts around to your waist and hips.

Shoes. With both previous pregnancies I could still paint my toes and reach my feet until birth (though putting on compression socks is a feat no matter what your ability!). Still, investing in a pair of comfy shoes, possibly a half or full size up, is worth the many comfortable hours they will provide you now and in the month or so after birth until your other shoes return to the comfort zone. If old shoes don’t ever get comfy again, at least you have one pair of shoes that fit!

Pillows. I never found need for more than an inexpensive body pillow from Target. If you find yourself needing significant support, look into the variety of pregnancy-specific body pillows that support your many joints and curves from your feet to your neck. If money is an issue, consider if smaller pillows, like those from the couch, can do the job to get you comfortable. Strategically place them between your knees, under your belly, or around your back as needed.

Digestible extravagance. I’m talking about teas, random cravings, and antacids. Sooth your soul with delicious teas, whether pregnancy-specific or just generally delicious. Indulge without guilt in those rare, specific cravings. Surely a pint of ice cream every day isn’t ideal but if cookies and cream approach your mouth every once in a while, indulge in your comfort without remorse. Address heartburn with midwife/doctor-approved antacids and headaches, migraines, or other pains with appropriate use of Tylenol and caffeine, if doctor/midwife-approved.

Annie is a mom of two boys, ages two and three. She enjoys the finer things in life, like compression socks and a full night’s rest.