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A Season of Change…

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

I am excited to let you all know that we are going to be doing some remodeling around here! Here’s the scoop..

You all know how much I love working at Mom’s Milk Boutique as a Social Media Coordinator, right? I have shared multiple times how blessed I feel to be a part of the Mom’s Milk Boutique team. While I still very much enjoy my role here, I am also feeling the need for a shift within my own family. As my children seem to be growing older by the hour, I want to fully enjoy the gift of time I have with them right now.  After appraising my daily tasks and responsibilities, I developed a strong desire to decrease the amount of time I am on the computer. This can be a bit problematic when your job requires you to be on a computer. Mmmm, what do to?

I approached Abbie (co-owner of Mom’s Milk Boutique) and shared with her what was on my mind and in my heart.  After some discussion, it was decided that a remodel of Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiapering just might be a great idea. Cha-cha-changes!

Now let me assure you I am not going to disappear altogether. I love it here way too much for that! I will still pop in to write an occasional blog post from time to time as well as remain active on the Mom’s Milk Boutique Facebook page; however it is time for me to pass on the torch to another mama…or perhaps mamas? Now THIS is the part I am most excited to share with you all….

Mom’s Milk Boutique is accepting applications for new blog authors! If you are a mama with breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering experience that enjoys sharing ideas and is looking for very part-time, flexible, work from home income…well then THIS is the dream job for you!

We are looking for a variety of talent to contribute to the Mom’s Milk Boutique so I definitely encourage you to apply if your interest is peaked. Simply click HERE to fill out an application.

Before signing off, I want to thank you all for an incredibly awesome experience here…YOU all are what made Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiapering  a great place to be! Much love and gratitude to all!


Who’s Who at Mom’s Milk Boutique: Meet Abbie!

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

There is sooo much that goes on behind the scenes to run a sucessful small, family owned business….in fact its kind of mind-boggling at times to think about all the aspects of it! Abbie, co-owner of Mom’s Milk Boutique, does a ton of “behind the scenes” work from overseas…all while homeschooling four kids! Yep, she’s kind of amazing, huh? Read on to learn about Abbie and her family…and to find out how many consecutive months she has been breastfeeding because that statistic alone is kind of astonishing! 🙂

What is your title and role at MMB? How long have you been working there? Bonnie and I did this together. This idea for this shop came about when our second children were about 6 months old (Heidi and Ilana are two weeks apart). We were inspired. Bonnie has definitely been the one in the trenches. She’s there day to day making everything lovely happen. Since inception, I have worked on the website, accounting, buying inventory, advertising, and lots of social media. What do I do? Basically, I get to go on really big shopping sprees and think up crazy, good sales. Doing everything remotely can definitely be a challenge, especially now that I am 7 hours ahead of the store. Yet, Bonnie definitely touched on the people side. For 5 years, she and I have been on the phone e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. Sometimes I call more than she wants me to. 🙂 

· What is your top favorite product at MMB? Everything. All of them. I have to test one of everything. If I don’t like it, I don’t keep carrying it. If after using it for years I fall out of love, I clearance it.
But….if I had to choose just one, it would be my Bravado Seamless Silk Nursing Bra. I wear one every day (not the same one though for those that got worried).
At this very moment…..on my counter is a bottle of CJs Creamy Lotion in Caribbean Therapy Blend. In my bathroom washing wool there’s Naturally Luxe WOW Bar in Sandalwood Vanilla. In my shower – California Baby Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner. After bath its Episencial Soothing Cream. Hanging in my hall – Planet Wise Hanging Pail in Aqua Swirls. On my 18 month old – bumGenius Elemental in Mirror. I could go on. 🙂

· What is your favorite babycarrier and why? Impossible to choose. I love them all for different reasons and at different times. For newborns I love my Sakura Bloom Ring Slings and my Moby Wrap. When baby and I need more support we love our Dolcino or Calin Bleu woven wrap. For on the go, I grab both my ERGO and my Boba – my 4 year old loves to be carried, still. Last weekend, we went snowshoeing and Legend (18 mo.) stayed warm and comfy on daddy’s back in the ERGO – see a stroller do that!

· What does your cloth diaper stash look like? Um, eclectic and embarrassingly large. I do reuse and lend out. At the moment, Bonnie has my newborn stash. I have been able to use many of the same diapers that I used for Heidi for Kaatje and Legend. My favorites are definitely more used. My doublers have holes. My prized Goodmamas and hemp Sloombs – that I stalked for DAYS over 4 years ago – need new elastic. As I said, I try everything. I guess I should add product tester to my list of (fun) jobs.

· Who are the members of your family? My husband Seth (well, his job) is the reason I get to wake up every morning and drink my tea while gazing at the Alps. Well, for a few more months anyway. It’s amazing how 2 years will fly by. Then there are my wonderful and fortunately adaptable children Graeme (9), Heidi(6), Kaatje (4), and Legend (18 mo) who seem to be enjoying this adventure as much as we are.

· What do you like to do for recreation? Travel, and all the adventure that comes with it, is definitely our kind of recreation. We homeschool and we live in Europe, so we have tried to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and see everything we can whenever my husband gets a free moment. We are sunny beach weather people, so we love to swim and hike. Everything else depends on the weather, plus, with little ones we do a lot of things together. This winter we have had really good snow, so the kids have really gotten to enjoy skiing and the chocolat chaud.

· Share a favorite family tradition: I have two. The first would be our names. My parents had five children whom they named in alphabetical order (Abbie, Bonnie, Cacie, Dominie and Ethan). We five children decided that we would continue that tradition when naming our own children starting with Bonnie when she had Faith, then my Graeme and Heidi, Bonnie’s Ilana, then my Kaatje and Legend, and on to M with Bonnie’s latest edition, Montgomery.

My 2nd favorite family tradition is my Great Grandma Hamilton’s Cinnamon Rolls. When at home for Christmas, my dad makes them, and I make them when away. They are delicious and have been enjoyed for generations during the Holidays. I am really blessed that my mom was so brilliant as to have her to right down the recipe some 30 years ago. Cherish your family moments and write your memories and stories down. Generations come and go far too quickly, but they can live and share a connection with our children in memories.

· What is one tip you have for breastfeeding mamas? Support. Surround yourself with support, find a Le Leche League and attend regularly before, during and after! Make a community – make friends with other breastfeeding mamas. The connection of breastfeeding is reason enough to make great friends. High five each other in the mall and at restaurants. Get support and BE support because you are enough.


· If you could have any superpower, what would it be? What? I make milk. I have been lactating for 80 months straight and my 18 month old still hasn’t night weaned. That I am still awake, is pretty darn super!

· What is one of your favorite quotes? “The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness.” Rick Warren


· What are your goals/intentions/resolutions for this new year? To make the life of everyone that touches MMB a little sweeter.


Who’s Who at Mom’s Milk Boutique: Meet Bonnie!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

If you have ever had the pleasure of shopping at Mom’s Milk Boutique in West Frankfort, IL then you have probably had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie in person! If you have ever ordered on-line or over the phone, then perhaps you have interacted with Bonnie? And of course if you are on facebook, you have certainly seen a picture or two of her and her adorable son working hard at MMB. 🙂

Even though she’s constantly zooming around the store, she stopped for a moment to answer a few questions so you all could get to know her a little better! 🙂

What is your title and role at MMB? How long have you been working there? I am the Co-Owner with my lovely sister, Abbie. It has been a trip! Whoever said “working with family is a bad idea” couldn’t be more wrong. Abbie and I have been driven closer together as sisters because of the store. The amount of time we spend speaking with each other is astronomically more than it would have been if we wouldn’t have begun this adventure together. She moved away for college while I was just coming into my “real” teens and life kept her away. We spoke occasionally but not enough. Our conversations were merely small talk. Moving from home, to Michigan, to Arizona, and now to Switzerland, distance would have been our enemy. But MMB has given us a bond with one another that cannot be matched. Over the last 5 1/2 years, I have loved every minute sharing this experience with her. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity and with out it, may have gone through this life never really “knowing” each other due to the distance.

What is your top favorite product at MMB? I don’t believe that to be a fair question. 😉 However, given my 5 month old’s current speed bump in life, I would have to say the Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets! Oh my goodness how they have been a life saver for us. We have cut our two bottom front teeth and working on the top. We have them on ALL.THE.TIME.

What is your favorite baby carrier and why? Again, a hard one. Each carrier has a special place in my heart. I LOVED the Sakura slings during our newborn stage! It was so easy to put on, get him in, and take him out, and take it off. But right now, I am addicted to the Boba. It has great support, a high back for Gummy, and the prints are adorable!

What does your cloth diaper stash look like? Wow, well….I got a lot of Abbie’s preloved diapers from Kaatje and Legend. So my diaper stash looks PRELOVED, LOL. I have SO many different styles. Mostly older diapers from like 3 years ago. I have a few new that I have added to the bunch, like wool and fitteds…by far my favorites!

Who are the members of your family? I suppose you want me to stick with my immediate family and not, sisters, brother, mom, dad, Grandma…. 😉 I have an amazing husband, Theo (Theodore) whom did I say was amazing? This guy, I tell you, a woman couldn’t ask for better. I have two girls, Faith (10) and Ilana (6). Faith is the sweetest child you will ever meet and Ilana…well, she is a firecracker. We just recently added Lil Gummy (Mongomery) who is getting ready to hit the big 6 Monther in 2 weeks. The girls absolutely adore him and are such a wonderful help. He has been a hoot. It is so different already with a boy. I can tell I am going to have my hands full with this lil guy!

What do you like to do for recreation? Recreation? I wish I had some awesome story for you on this one. Alas, we are a kind of boring family, a little laid back and enjoy our quiet evenings together. Theo’s a farmer so that takes up a LOT of our time and vacations don’t come easy. However, in the summer we enjoy a day at the lake, tubing, skiing, swimming. So there it must be. Our recreation is the Lake; which is only fun in the summer…during the fall and winter we hibernate.

Share a favorite family tradition: Again, I will have to say Sunday’s at the Lake is my favorite tradition.

What is one tip you have for breastfeeding mamas? Mind over matter. If you THINK and believe you aren’t enough, guess what, you won’t be. We are our biggest enemy. Just like you can talk yourself into being scared of the dark, you can talk yourself into not making enough milk. We as women are run by our emotions and hormones. When we convince ourselves that we are going to have problems, we are going to have problems. I highly recommend standing in front of your bathroom mirror, grab hold, gently squeeze, and yell, “I AM WOMAN! I AM ENOUGH! WATCH ME NURSE!” Nothing like a good pep talk session to start the day off right.

What are some of your favorite “me” time indulgences? This may sound crazy, but I don’t enjoy “me” time alone. I hate being alone. I get bored. I want to talk, and talking to myself is too rhetorical for my liking.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I would like to have Superhuman Speed. I want to get things done FAST! I want to get places FAST! And then, I want to be able to slow it back down while I’m enjoying family, friends, and life. But all that work stuff, all that getting there stuff…that needs to happen quick.

What is one of your favorite quotes? “A person’s a person no matter how small.” I think Dr. Seuss had life pretty much figured out.

What are your goals/intentions/resolutions for this new year? Don’t get behind!

Thanks Bonnie! So great to get to know a little more about you and your family…and I LOVE your suggestion about standing in front of the mirror and giving yourself a pep talk! It’s happy visual to think of women actually doing that for themselves! 🙂