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Cloth Pottytraining Options

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

potty trainingMy baby sister was learning to use the toilet at about the same time that Pull-Ups first hit the market. After cloth diapering me, my mom swore never again to wash a diaper and used disposables for both of my younger sisters. When Pull-Ups came out, my mom jumped on board right away, thinking she wouldn’t have to wash stinky accident undies, either. Unfortunately for my mom though, in my little sister’s case, Pull-Ups were not a potty training tool, but just a diaper that was pulled on instead of being taped in place. They definitely didn’t work as a toilet training device.

Fast forward a zillion years to now, and not only are Pull-Ups and several competitors still around (apparently they do work for some kids), there’s a whole new market of cloth trainers out there. So what’s the deal with these, and do they work?

First up, the old school Gerber training pants. These were around in my day. They’re basically undies with a two-ply crotch and front area. These aren’t designed to hold back a flood; rather, they can absorb a little trickle if the child has waited a bit too long to go potty. They’re thin so they fit easily under pants. When I was little, mom would put little vinyl pants over the top as well if she needed them to be waterproof. Nowadays, you also have the option of wool as a waterproof cover; some people use lanolized underwoolies over training underwear, which are thin enough to fit under pants and come in cute colors to wear under dresses. Gerber training pants are useful with children that are already for the most part toilet trained, and just need a little extra barrier now and then.

Next up are modern training pants. These are often sold by cloth diaper companies and are more absorbent (and have more bulk) than the thinner gerber pants. They usually come with a layer of PUL sandwiched inside, so they are waterproof with smaller accidents, but they don’t have the gussets and whatnot of a regular diaper so they probably won’t contain major floods or explosions. Pants should still fit over these (though with more of a diaper-like fit due to their bulk) and they pull up so the child wearing them gets practice with this. These are useful if you aren’t fully confident in your child’s toilet-using abilities when going out of the house especially, and also for naptime insurance.

Finally, the closest option to both a cloth diaper and a disposable Pull-Up is a hybrid trainer, which use inserts and operate similarly to an AI2 diaper. These are waterproof due to their PUL outer, and you can customize the inserts depending on any fiber sensitivities or absorption needs. They have a non-bulky fit (thinner than a cloth diaper). Because they look and perform the most like a diaper, this can work for or against you. My oldest was night trained using these because they looked and felt like diapers and he didn’t want to have to wear a diaper to bed like a baby. I offered him the option of these or using the toilet only and he decided on the toilet. On the other hand, my youngest decided they were diapers and used them as such, with absolutely zero hang-ups on them being “for babies.”

Meaghan Howard is currently a stay-at-home mom and enjoying living overseas with her husband and two young children. She enjoys traveling, running, and the most excellent sport of all time, dragon boat.

Pottytraining without Pull ups

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

potty trainingPotty training is not for the faint of heart! No matter what you do or which method you chose it’s going to take a while and probably some bribing to get it figured out. So take some deep breaths to mentally prepare yourself and know that you’ll be picking up a lot of messes! And then remember that this too, shall pass.

For many people pull ups are a natural transition from diapers to regular underwear but I’m here to tell you they might be an extra expense you can avoid. At least you can avoid using them during the day. In my opinion, letting kids wear pull ups is confusing. You’re telling them not to go potty in their diapers anymore but you’re giving them something to wear that feels like a diaper and absorbs moisture like a diaper.

The whole point of potty training is to get them to get in touch with their bodily functions and recognize what it feels like to have to go potty. If they’re still wearing something that keeps them relatively dry like their diapers did then it makes it more difficult to learn. You want them to know as soon as they wet themselves and that means realizing that they’re wet!

Going straight to regular underwear might seem like a bit of a leap but it’s not. First you’ll want to buy the thicker underwear–that way they’ll know that they’re wet immediately but it won’t be quite as much of a mess to clean up. It’s a win win. The sooner they can recognize the feeling that happens right before they pee the better and the quicker they’ll learn.

Get the kids to have some fun with it! Take them to the store and let them pick out their own potty. Decide on what kind of reward you want to use, if any, and let them pick their own too. We used stickers as a reward so I let my daughter pick what kind of stickers she wanted. It’s pretty unbelievable how excited they can get about stickers!

Make sure you’re getting your child to the potty pretty often to practice sitting on the potty and recognizing what it feels like to pee on the potty, too. Most important don’t make the potty training a transition–you have to rip the diapers out of your life like a band aid. If they’re still around you might be tempted to use them. Just stock up on the thick underwear, and use the pull-ups only for overnight or long car rides and nothing else. May the potty training force be with you!

Jacqueline Banks is a certified Holistic Health Counselor and online fitness coach. She works with women in all stages of motherhood, from mothers struggling with conception to those trying to get their grove back after pregnancy to ensure the best health and nutrition for both mom and baby.

Sunday Funday Giveaway: Blueberry Trainer

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

If you have a wee one who is learning to use the potty be sure to check out the awesome selection of cloth training pants at Mom’s Milk Boutique! The Blueberry Trainers in particular are a popular choice for both their adorable prints and effective design. The Blueberry Trainers are made to catch small accidents during the day, however are far less bulky than a regular cloth diaper. Trainers are designed to mimic underpants in their fit and feel. Although unlike traditional children’s underwear, Blueberry Trainers are made from cotton velour, micro-terry and PUL making them absorbent AND super trim! While they will effectively contain small leaks, Blueberry Trainers are not intended for nap time or overnight usage. Blueberry Trainers are available in 3 sizes: Small (22-30 lb), Medium (25-35 lb), Large (32-42 lb). Older children who are learning to use the potty are sure to appreciate the many different gender specific prints to choose from!

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