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Buying Used Cloth Diapers

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Buying Used Cloth DiapersPreviously I introduced you to the basic terminology that you’ll first encounter when you begin looking into cloth diapers. Now, let’s talk about shopping!

For many families, cloth is a fantastic budget option. Even when bought new, cloth diapers still come in significantly under budget when compared to a year’s worth of disposables. For those on an even tighter budget, or for the, err, “frugal” among us (raises hand high), buying used is even better.

As with cloth diapers themselves, buying used comes with a whole new set of terms to learn. Here are the ones you encounter most frequently in the FOST (For Sale or Trade, your first term!) forums.

Sale Terms

B/S/T – Buy/Sell/Trade – Often used in the titles of Facebook groups and other internet forums to describe the purpose of the group.

FS/FSO – For Sale/For Sale Only – The owner is selling only and is not looking for any trades.

FSOT – For Sale or Trade – The owner is open to a sale or trades, and will usually mention what they are looking for in terms of trade.

FTO – The owner is looking for a trade only and is not selling at that time.

ISO – In Search Of – Someone is looking for a specific item/print/etc. and hopes an owner will contact them.

PPD – Postage Paid – This indicates that the price listed includes shipping. Otherwise the listing should state price and that shipping will be extra (if shipping is required).

Condition Terms

NIP – New in Package – Sometimes also listed as NWT or NWOT, New with Tags/New without Tags.

EUC – Excellent Used Condition – Diaper is used but shows little to no wear and tear.

VGUC – Very Good Used Condition – Diaper is used but shows little wear and tear and is in good, usable condition

GUC – Good Used Condition – Diaper is used, shows some wear and tear but is still in good, usable shape.

FUC – Fair Used Condition – Diaper is worn and may need repairs to be fully functional again.

Delaminated/ing – The PUL/TPU is showing wear in the form of the plastic sheet separating from the cloth side. A delaminated diaper is often no longer waterproof, but since additional layers of PUL/TPU can be sewn into some diapers as a rehab measure, some highly sought after diapers may appear for sale even with delamination.

OSOne Size – Refers to a diaper that adjusts to fit as baby grows, as opposed to sized diapers (s/m/l, etc.).

PPU – Pending Pick Up – Commonly used when buying locally, this means the item has been spoken for but has not been picked up and paid for. Sellers use this to let people know that the item is nearly sold, but allows them to reopen the sale should the 1st buyer not show.

When buying used, ask the seller to disclose any and all issues with the condition of the diaper, such as relaxed leg elastics or older hook and loop tabs (both are often easy to fix). Ask for pictures of both the inside and outside so that you can look for wear and tear or excessive staining. I highly recommend asking for pictures of the PUL/TPU on the inside of the diaper, so that you can be sure that it isn’t cracked or delaminating. If you have friends who use cloth, ask them to show you what a fresh vs relaxed elastic and healthy vs worn out PUL looks like, so that you’re prepared when you go shopping. Ideally, inspect the diapers first hand before purchase so that you are completely comfortable with their condition, but if you are purchasing from afar, use PayPal to complete the financial transaction and always pay as “goods” rather than “friend/family”. A goods transaction offers you protection should the diapers arrive in a condition other than exactly as the seller described. Finally, have fun shopping for cute colors and prints, and try to not get bit buy the cloth diaper bug!

Kate Cunha is a huge cloth advocate who loves living in the Pacific NW in an area where cloth diaper use is rather common. She’s made many friends thanks to fluff!