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Keeping a Mobile Baby Clean

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Keeping a mobile baby cleanMy baby boy just started moving, and with his newfound mobility has come a whole other issue: cleanliness. He seems to be rapidly getting into everything, wanting to touch, explore and see what his world is about. But as he begins to explore, I’m finding new ways to keep him clean in his environment.

One of my favorites tricks for cleanliness is keeping a damp washcloth in a ziplock to give them a good wipe down after a play. Those nooks and crannies, between the fingers and toes, wrist and leg folds, neck and belly roll are the easiest places to miss trapped debris–and the first places to begin to smell or get chaffed. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is beneficial for most babies.

A big blanket that is solely theirs to play on is very helpful. I try to leave my baby on his blanket and out of the dirt, grime and various other things his brothers like to get into. It also gives baby a bit of borders and starts setting limits as to what they can do.

When in doubt, what about baby wearing? I find my little guy loves to hang out and explore our day-to-day activities from my back. He stays nice and clean, safe and has a clear vantage point to survey the scene.

keeping a mobile baby clean

Items such as baby powder for removing sand, baby wipes for quick stickiness, tissues and washcloths help tremendously in keeping these mobile babies safe. I like to keep these in a tote in my car to help for quick clean ups and messes.

Just remember, as important as it is to keep them clean, it’s equally important to let them explore and have fun. Let them down to mess in the dirt, mud, sand and water!!  Dirty is good once in a while, and baby can always have fun getting clean!

Pia Watzig is a stay-at-home mom to three crazy boys. She lives in gorgeous Portland, Oregon.