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Pregnancy Week 21: Newborn Must-Haves

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Pregnancy Week 21With the exciting news that we are expecting a little boy, I am very excited to start getting ready. When you are a first-time mom, the list of things you need for baby can be overwhelming. This time, I feel a little more prepared. Here are some things that I feel are must-haves for a newborn.

  1. Rocking Chair: I spent so many nights rocking my sweet Johanna in the rocking chair from my grandma’s house. This chair is a must-have to me. It helps to have some place to sit when you need to nurse baby or just take a break. I have precious memories of rocking her in the wee hours of the night. I also advise getting a cushion of some kind for your chair, if it’s wooden like mine.
  2. Fisher Price Rock-N-Play Sleeper: This was a lifesaver for us. I love that this small bassinet is portable–it can go into the bathroom with you when you shower and in the kitchen when you are trying to cook supper. It also rocks! Soothe baby to sleep easily while you sit or lay next to it. I plan on using this a lot this time around again.
  3. Baby Carrier: With my daughter, I had a Boba wrap and then Boba 3g carrier. This time around, I am super excited to try a Je Porte Mon Bebe wrap! Baby carriers give you your hands back. You can get chores done and take care of baby at the same time. I am thinking my carriers will be a lifesaver with a toddler running around at my feet.
  4. Diaper Creams, Lotions, Washes: I really enjoy picking these out for baby, as weird as that sounds. I like to use CJ’s butter for the diaper cream. I also really like it in the spray formula. As for lotions and washes, we usually use Johnson’s Baby Night time Bath and Lotion. The lavender smell soothes baby, as well as a tired mommy.
  5. Sleep sacks and swaddles: I am a big fan of Aiden and Anais sleep sacks. I was not the best at swaddling with a blanket, so I like to use the swaddle wraps. These all keep baby secure and snug and warm. I still have several, and I plan on investing in a few more.
  6. Swing or bouncer: We used a bouncer with my daughter and this time, I am planning on investing in a swing that plugs in. It will be nice to have another safe place to put baby when my daughter needs me. The music and vibrating features on these items are a big plus to me.

So, moms, what are your must-haves for your newborn? I know I can think of more, but these are just things I really look forward to showering baby with. It’s so fun to shop for baby, but the best part is getting to use it all with your little miracle! We are so excited to be having a little boy!

Karyn Meyerhoff lives and writes in Northeast Indiana. She loves to shop and organize.

Video Product Review: CJs Butter

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

I am excited to tell you all about this awesome product! CJ’s BUTTer is made from all natural ingredients making it a safe diaper rash cream to use with your cloth diapers and a safe nipple cream for breastfeeding mamas. Check it out…