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I Wanted to Change the World, But Now I Just Change Diapers

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

i wanted to change the world but now i just change diapersAt 20 years young I had big plans. I was going to impact the world in an important way. I was deeply immersed in the academic world, fascinated by journal articles containing current research in my field. I was on the brink of finishing up my undergraduate degree and looking into graduate programs. I had dreams of contributing to my profession in a dynamic way. I was going to change the world! (Or at least a teeny tiny speck of it).

Fast forward to 17 years later (Holy cannoli, how is that even possible!?!) and most days it feels like the only thing I change is diapers. And let’s be honest, there is no real sense of accomplishment in that daily task. Sigh. I could easily be swallowed up by this loss.

Hear me out. I’m not (at ALL) referring to the antiquated discussion of “working parent” versus “stay at home parent”. That’s a complex, multi-faceted, highly personal, and individualized situation. And it’s rarely as black and white as society makes it out to be.

What I’ve (slowly) realized is there is a multitude of ways to feel esteemed and empowered. At a young and naïve but super passionate and enthusiastic 20-year-old, I held a narrow view of what “changing the world” meant. I primarily attached that definition to external recognition; approval and/or appreciation from others (including monetary reward). I now realize that is a bit of a fallacy.

Sure it feels good to be acknowledged. So please continue to acknowledge and express appreciation to those around you that enhance your life!  What I am referring to is that I no longer “rely” on those things to feel valued/important/special/worthy. That’s where the shift has occurred. I found that when I look inward to discover a sense of satisfaction, it’s felt on a more profound level. Living with love and vibrancy is really all it takes to exude an energy force that is absorbed into the world, and returned back. It really is THAT simple!

I also better understand the cumulative effect of the little things we do every day that impact our world in a positive way. Chaos theory tells us that we live in a world so dynamic and complex, that “small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences.” THIS is what I am talking about. I CAN and DO change the world. Every day. We all do. Because we exist in this shared space together. Our actions and behaviors effect the world around us. It’s actually kind of an awesome sense of responsibility to hold; knowing that every step of the way we have the power to influence the world around us. Wow!

So embrace the magic of being you and all you have to offer in this world! You do amazing things every day, including changing diapers.