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Amazing Moms: Rebecca McHood

Monday, September 21st, 2015

hope“Listen to your heart and your gut and be true to yourself. If you feel passionately about something, the best thing to do is to do something about it. If you don’t stand up, who will?”

Rebecca McHood practices what she preaches, as this Arizona mother of two saw a problem with sexual exploitation in her middle class, family-oriented community and decided to do something about it. A concerned phone call to the mayor regarding massage parlors serving as business fronts for illicit sex trading quickly snowballed into developing Sexual Exploitation Enemies United Hope, where she works tirelessly to raise awareness of sex addiction, sexual exploitation, betrayal trauma, and provide support for women who have been impacted by sex addiction, in addition to lobbying for laws and ordinances that combat trafficking.

McHood’s inspiration comes from seeing the pain experienced by close friends, and is fueled by the success of updated ordinances in Mesa, Arizona, and Gilbert, Arizona, that minimize the availability of massage parlors providing illicit services.

Some of her greatest rewards, though, come from working one-on-one with people in the community, educating them and providing a shoulder for those who have experienced heartbreak as a result of sex trafficking. “There is no better feeling than knowing that you helped someone through their darkest hour,” McHood says. “It is an honor to be aware of someone’s broken heart and a privilege to be able to help to carry the weight that someone is feeling.”

Serving as a shoulder for others’ burdens in addition to lobbying for new legislation can be exhausting on its own, so McHood turns to meditation, her friends, and traveling with family so that she has the strength to tackle her other priority in her life—parenting her seven-year-old twins, a task that has been greatly influenced by the work she does with her organization.

In talking to her daughters about her mission with ISEEUHope, McHood says “It leads to a conversation about standing up for what’s right and fighting for others who can’t fight for themselves.” McHood also involves her daughters in delivering care packages, and emphasizes the importance of speaking their truth, understanding consent, and having safe people to talk to. “I hope that my girls learn that they have a voice and that it matters. I hope that they learn to see people’s hearts and inherent goodness and that they have a desire to protect that and fight for it.”

Rebecca McHood has followed her passion to make the world a safer place for so many who are in pain. For the moms reading who feel a similar pull, she challenges: “Stand up and use your voice! Women are amazing. We are warriors in a world that still tries to push us down, but we have unseen strength that comes from within.”

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