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Friday Family Spotlight: Meet Bonnie’s Family

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Last week you met Bonnie, co-owner of Mom’s Milk Boutique. Well this week I would like to introduce you to another Bonnie. She is a mama to FIVE awesome kiddoes!! Her and her hubby are getting ready to celebrate their ONE YEAR anniversary this Valentine’s Day. Read on to learn more about Bonnie and her family (and check out her super cool breastfeeding photo!):

Whats your favorite MMB product?
My favorite? There are so many wonderful products. I would have to say my favorite are the Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0. I love the cute prints. I had ordered two and fell in love with them…so I ordered three more. 🙂

Who are the members of your family?
Well there is me of course 😉 My wonderful husband that I married last Valentine’s Day. In addition to marrying me, he accepted the role of being Dad to my older 4 children.  My oldest  daughter is Serenity she is 12 going on 20! (lol, scary how fast they grow!). I have  2 boys  close in age; Brendan is 10 and Virgil is 8. They are very active  little boys! Next is my little “princess” Kaitlin, age 5.  And my youngest and  newest addition is Skyler, he just turned 7 months. 🙂

What’s your favorite carrier and why?
I have tried the Moby Wrap which I do like but I have had an issue problem with due to the strength in my arms. I find that the fabric is too long for me to handle. My favorite that works well for us right now is the Boba carrier. I love it…especially now that Skyler is older the back carry works out great! Not to mention I love the prints selection. We have the Kangaroo print.

Decsribe your cloth diaper stash:
My diaper stash consists of a lot of different types; I had never heard of cloth diapering when my older 4 children were born (except how my mom used to do cloth diaper us lol), so when I started to learn about it while I was pregnant with my last child I was overwhelmed. I had no idea what I was doing or what to do buy. I ended up buying a few Fuzzibunz which I liked. Then I bought some Bumgenius.  Now that he’s here and is my last baby, I want to try everything!  So my stash now includes: Fuzzibunz, Bumgenius, Thirsties, Grovia, Blueberry, Swaddlebees, and a cover with some prefolds. My next venture is wool…

What goals does your family have over the next year or two?
Our biggest goal for my husband and I is to get our new company off on the right foot and make it a success so that we can buy a bigger home for our large family.

What are some of your “me” time indulgences?
Being a mommy of 5 really doesn’t give me much time to have any “me time” but I definitely love being able to take a hot bath without anyone knocking on the door or yelling out my name…which doesn’t happen often though. 🙂 Another is when a quick nap is able to happen..

Whats your number one secret to stretching a dollar?
It would have to be shopping at the Dollartree. Not all their items are a good but they do have a lot of name brand items that end up saving us money.

Thanks Bonnie for sharing your family with us! We wish you and hubby the very best as you build your business to support your family!

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Happy Friday Everyone!!