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Finding the Right Sippy Cup

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Finding the Right SIppy CupWhen your baby reaches around 6 months of age, you may start thinking about introducing a sippy cup. For me, this is not a time I look forward to. Both of my babies were breastfed and didn’t take a bottle. So, finding a cup that they like has taken some work. Here are some of my favorite sippy cups.

  1. Gerber Graduates Advanced Developmental Cup– These cups come in a variety of designs and options, but the rim sippy cups are my favorite cup of all time. It is recommended for a toddler 18 months and up, but I am sure my 12 month old can handle this cup. We have this cup, and it has never leaked. NEVER. To me, this is huge. It comes in an insulated version, which would be nice for milk on-the-go. It is similar to real adult cup, so it encourages development. I love the patterns and fun colors, too.
  2. NUK Learner Cup– With both of my babies not taking bottles, this cup was a hit. The nipple is soft and gentle on baby’s gums. These cups are great to start with because they come with handles that even the smallest of babies can handle. You can take these off later. The NUK cups are recommended for babies 6 months and older. My only complaint is that these cups are small. The ones I have owned were only 5 ounces, and as my children have grown, it has become less functional for our family.
  3. Straw Cups of Any Kind- I have been told that breastfed babies do better with straw cups. With my experience, this is true. I love straw cups. I tend to buy the cheap ones at Walmart or Target, such as these Munchkin cups. They are easy to throw in my diaper bag, and they do not leak. I have had issues with straw cups and milk, however. For some reason, the milk comes up the straw before my kids can get a drink at times. Not fun to clean up.
  4. Puj Cups– These cups are for older children, but they are so fun and functional. I know all of us moms want our kids to be independent. I am constantly telling my daughter to get her cup out of the refrigerator if she needs a drink. Puj cups can easily attach to your refrigerator with a small hook. They are safe and easy. They comes in a variety of fun colors that little ones will love. Puj cups would be an excellent choice of a first “big girl” cup to start out with.

So, mommas, what cups have worked for you? Finding the right sippy cup can be a frustrating experience, but once you find what you like, it is all worth it. And remember, don’t cry over spilled milk. All sippy cups are not created equal.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana where she is a sucker for cute sippy cups. Her cabinet is overflowing.