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Sunday Funday Giveaway | Bummis Newborn Pack – the Perfect Newborn Diaper

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

How do you diaper a newborn? What diapers will fit under the cord? Pictured above is my one week old 7 lb. daughter. Newborn prefolds are quite possible the perfect 1st diaper – they fit great and our relatively inexpensve!

If you are pregnant and want to start cloth diapering from day one, I think you will be excited about this week’s giveaway! It’s for a Bummis Newborn Pack. The Bummis Newborn Pack includes 12 organic pre-fold inserts and two newborn wraps. This diaper pack is designed specifically for newborns so it fits babies from 5- 9 lbs. Most cloth diapers, even in the smallest size, are geared for babies 10lbs and up, so this diaper pack really is unique. It is a great set to get you through the first several weeks of diapering your newborn!

Save the small size or one-sized cloth diapers for when they will actually fit baby properly because a proper fitting diaper makes a world of difference in how well it contains everything…in other words you’ll experience far less leaks or blowouts when the fit it right.

Considering how many diapers you go through with a newborn, the Bummis Newborn Pack is definitely worth the investment. Additionally once the pre-folds no longer fit, you can use them as a liner or doubler for almost any diaper. If you would like to win a Bummis Newborn Pack for your itty-bitty baby (or to gift to a friend) simply follow the instructions below.