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Spring Break: Kids’ Edition

Friday, March 11th, 2016

I remember my younger spring break days…road trips, margaritas, suntans and days spent at the beaches. Spring Break as a parent usually includes a few kids in tow, a whole lot of luggage, and even more planning. Spring Break with kids is different; but it can be just as great! Here are some key tips for traveling with wee ones this Spring Break.

If you are going to the beach…spring break

Choose a destination that is NOT synonymous with Spring Break. Plan ahead and research the beach areas that are known for loud and rowdy college students and AVOID them. Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, South Padre Island, and Miami Beach are all well-known college spring break locales. Not only are they typically much more expensive during peak seasons, they are also more packed and rowdy.

If you are going to the amusement parks…

Plan ahead and check out exclusive park tips prior to your stay. If you are going to Disney, and are great resources for park coupons, current happenings, and local attractions that are going on around the park. If you are eligible for a military discount, you can look up Military discounts listed by park.

If you want to stay close to the park but not at the actual resort, Airbnb can offer homes and apartments that are usually a walkable distance to the entrance. Vacation rentals can be cheaper than resorts and have full kitchen accommodations so you don’t waste money buying expensive meals at the park.

If you are nursing or have a child in diapers, Disney and Lego amusement parks offer pretty incredible nursing and childcare rooms. Some of the accommodations include rocking chairs, privacy curtains, private changing areas, high chairs, microwaves, refrigerators, bottle warmers and emergency diapers and wipes. I have used both the LegoLand and the Disneyland nursing rooms and I cannot say enough great things about them! It really made it feasible for our whole family to go to the parks when we had a young one in tow.

If you are visiting family or friends without baby or toddler items…

If you’ll be staying with people that aren’t equipped for small children, there are many different companies that rent kid supplies. A few years ago we stayed with a family friend in Malibu when my youngest was 8 months. We rented a high chair, crib, crib sheets, and even toys for an entire week, all for a very reasonable rate. If you don’t have to check extra bags when flying, renting can actually save you money. We used Baby’s Away and the delivery and set up was included in the fee! After a long flight, it is a real stress reliever to have everything all prepared at your destination.

No matter where you are traveling, if you’re doing so with kids, always have a plan for separation

Every family should have a predetermined meeting place to go if you get separated, like the ticket window or park information booth. Make sure to talk about your strategy with your child so they know the plan. Some families even use hospital ID bracelets on children to write pertinent information, such as your phone number, in case a child is lost. If you are staying at a hotel, you can also tuck a hotel business card inside your child’s pocket so they know where they are staying. No one wants to think about getting separated from their loved ones, but it is always best to be over prepared.

Tessa Wesnitzer is a health and wellness coach who lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves her husband, two boys, green tea, long runs, and snowy winters.

Hitting the Beach with Baby

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Hitting the Beach with BabyI love love love the beach. My husband and kids love the beach. My dogs especially love the beach. Still, I’d be lying if I said taking my first son as a newborn to Hawaii didn’t freak me out a little. I wondered how I would know if he was getting dehydrated, how I would keep him from getting sun when he was too young to wear sunblock, and I even worried about travel and hotel accommodations.

Since we were traveling to the beach on my son’s first beach experience, we worried the baby would cry and disturb everyone at the hotel and on the plane. He was super sweet and quiet, but it didn’t stop some of the older plane passengers and hotel passengers from giving us the stink eye. You can’t do much about grumpy plane passengers, but if you’re staying at a hotel with your baby, my advice is to find as family-friendly a hotel you can. Will your nine-month-old get anything out of any awesome water slides or other kiddy amenities the hotel may have? Nope. But you will be surrounded by people who have been in your shoes, and if your baby has a major meltdown at breakfast, it won’t be that big a deal. Alternately, look into renting a condo from or You’ll have lots of privacy and usually a kitchen with a refrigerator.

Whether you are lucky enough to live near a beach or are traveling, securing some shade is huge. Shade will reduce UV exposure and also the temperature. At hotels, getting to the pool or beach early enough to get an umbrella is key (not like you’re sleeping in these days though, right?). If you are going for the day from home, bring your own shade. Now that my family lives on an island, we have our own little beach umbrella that we bring anytime we visit the beach in the summer or fall.

Likewise, avoiding peak sun hours will help everybody in the family limit the amount of UV exposure they get. Noon generally has the highest UV index, so it’s a good time to take a break,  have some lunch, and maybe catch a nap. If you see that the UV index is particularly high, it may be a good day to plan an indoor activity, at least during the peak sun hours.

I also love rash guards, especially now that they’re easy and inexpensive to find. They also really limit the amount of skin you need to put sunblock on. Speaking of sunblock, I personally have found that I’m less likely to miss spots with sunblock if I apply sunblock before getting dressed (this goes for babies and me, too). Make sure to reapply frequently, particularly after swimming and toweling off.

Finally, can we talk about sand? It’s great to feel warm sand between your toes, but that stuff gets everywhere and is so hard to get off (especially once you’ve applied sunblock). Babies, with all of their little folds, have the sand issue especially tough. If you haven’t used baby powder to remove sand before, you have to try it. I’ve seen little applicators you can purchase to apply it, but to be honest I just keep a container of it in our beach kit. At the end of the day, I sprinkle it on the sandy areas and rub. Seriously, it’s like magic.

Meaghan Howard is a mom to two little boys, ages 4 and 6. She’s currently enjoying the expat life in Japan.

Silent Saturday

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Hands free at the beach thanks to our ERGObaby carrier and ERGObaby backpack