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Nursing-friendly Ballparks

Friday, May 29th, 2015

IMG_0250Most of us breastfeeding moms have been there. For me, this is a yearly event. I’m married to a baseball fanatic who loves to travel to different stadiums around the country. We have traveled to seven different stadiums since we got married, and that was almost eight years ago. Breastfeeding has been my way of nourishing my babies, so naturally, I have had to nurse at a couple of stadiums. Here are some of the best stadiums to nurse at.

Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati, Ohio:

Wow. Have you seen the new nursing suite the Reds fans have been blessed with? It’s amazing. I have been to a Reds game with a baby and had a less than pleasant nursing experience. It was either the family restroom, which was gross, or in your seat. My baby girl was in a carrier so I had some freedom, but it wasn’t easy or pleasant. This nursing suite is complete with rocking chairs, a refrigerator, changing station, activities for older children, and a flat-screen TV. I really want to go back to this stadium now and sit in one of the amazing chairs. Nursing and taking care of your baby at the Reds game is now easy and something that moms can do while enjoying the game. So amazing.

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri:

I’ll admit I have never nursed at this ballpark, but it is my favorite team–the Cardinals. I have several friends who I talked to who have nursed comfortably at Busch Stadium. Most of them did nurse their babies in their seats, but they didn’t run into any problems or uncomfortable situations. According to the A-Z guide on their website, moms can nurse anywhere- in public, in a first-aid station, or in a family restroom. Busch Stadium has a family pavilion, also, where older siblings can play and be entertained.

Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington:

I used to live near Seattle and I have been to a Mariner’s game, although I didn’t have children at the time.  I was pleased to see that this ballpark has a Nursing Mother’s lounge! Chairs and comfortable resources are available for moms and babies. You can change baby’s diaper in a clean restroom and not have to worry about nursing in a crowded corner, your car, or in the family restroom.

Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland:

I have never been to a baseball game on the East Coast. It is something I would like to do someday. This ballpark does get a lot of praise for its resources for moms online, however. The ballpark has a nursing/privacy room for moms to use. Dempsey’s restaurant in the stadium has highchairs and tvs where you can sit and feed baby while watching the game. The ballpark will even give out fun goodies for baby’s first ballgame. How cute!

So mom, you can nurse at a MLB game. Just be prepared and do some research beforehand if you want to find those fancy nursing areas. Remember, the availability of a nursing suite never means you are required to nurse only there. It’s a great perk, but in every state except West Virginia and Idaho, nursing moms have the right to nurse anywhere they are legally allowed to be. Baby wearing always makes it easier, too. If you’re a pro, nurse in your carrier and save yourself the trip!

We are planning a trip to see the Cardinals and Indians play in Cleveland. Looks like I will be nursing there. Guess I better get busy researching!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana. She loves her family, her cat, and the St. Louis Cardinals.