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Silent Saturday: The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 Photo Recap

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Oh my goodness! My morning was blessed with beautiful baby bellies, sweet little nurslings, gorgeous baby carriers and lots of fluffy bums! The Phoenix Great Cloth Diaper Change was a superb event. Check it out:

Registration Table:

Entrance to the official diaper changing area…

Everybody getting their babies ready…or in my case trying to convince my toddler to stay with me and my older two boys to stay out of the roped off area (only those included in the count were allowed to be in that area):

Trying to escape…

Babies up!

11:00 am…Ready, Set, GO!

Changed Babies UP!

A hip babywearing daddy

Drooling over all the gorgeous wraps I saw today…and the proficiency of the mamas using them!

These two mamas in white shirts were the driving forces behind the Phoenix event…they rocked it all the way!! Here they are tallying the final count.

Had to get a picture of this cutie pie snacking on raisins on her mama’s back…plus I loved that she coordinated her outfit with her baby carrier. ūüôā

Checking out the goodies at the raffle table…

Izzy actually went in the BobaAIR for a little…I may have¬†lured him in there with a sample lactation cookie, lol!

Some of the swag from our goodie bags.

What a great morning! Thanks so much to everyone ALL ACROSS the WORLD who worked hard to make The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 a success. I am eager to hear the final count, but am guessing (fingers crossed) we established a new World Record today!


Who’s Who at Mom’s Milk Boutique: Meet Bry!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

One of the things Mom’s Milk Boutique is well known for is their lightening fast shipping. In part we have Bry to thank for that!¬†Read on to learn more about Bry:

What is your role at MMB? How long have you been working there?
I have been working¬†at Mom’s Milk Boutique for 8 months now, and my official title here is Shipping and Receivings Clerk.


What is your top favorite product at MMB?
My favorite product at MMB would have to be the baby carriers. I do not have a baby yet, but someday when I do I definitely plan on using them.


Who are the members of your family?
My dad’s name is Heath, and my mom’s name is Crystal. I also have a younger brother who is 16, his name is Braxston. My family is extremely important to me.


What do you like to do for recreation?
In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and my boyfriend and his son. Also, playing basketball is something that I have loved to do ever since I was a little kid. I still love to play it every chance I get.
Share a favorite family tradition:
A fun thing that my family and I always do every year together is take a trip down to Florida to watch the St. Louis Cardinals at their spring training. We have done this every year since I was 12, and it’s something that we will hopefully continue to do for many more years.


What are some of your favorite “me” time indulgences?
When I do have some “me” time, I love just sitting at home and listening to music. Country is definitely my favorite.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
If I could have any superpower, it would probably have to be the ability to read people’s minds. I think that would definitely be an interesting power to have.


What is one of your favorite quotes?
“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.”

What are your goals/intentions/resolutions for this new year?
My goals this year are to do great in school, and to just be the best person that I can be.

What kind of music to you listen to?
I listen to a lot of different types of music, but my favorite is definitely country. Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are a few of my top artists.

What are your career/college/future goals?
I am currently going to school at John A. Logan, and I plan to get into the nurses program there and eventually get my masters, and would someday like to be an OB nurse.

What is the last book you read?
I don’t read as often as I would like to, I just don’t ever have that much spare time, but I did just read Water for Elephants and loved it.

Thanks Bry!¬†We are so happy to have you on board at Mom’s Milk Boutique and thanks for all your hard work!


Selecting a Soft Structured Babycarrier

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

20 month old Izzy in the BobaAIR

Babywearing has been around for centuries and spans across many different cultures. However there wasn’t always such¬†a wide variety of babycarriers available. These days there are sooo many babycarriers on the market, it can be¬†difficult for parents to select a carrier. Additionally¬†babycarriers range significantly in price thus adding to the confusion! Parents might wonder if a higher priced carrier is actually worth the cost. They may question if they are simply paying for the “brandname” by selecting a more expensive product.

While soft structured carriers might all look alike at first glance, there is often a BIG difference in the design! The design of a carrier is a KEY feature impacting the comfort and support a babycarrier provides. You want to be sure to select a carrier that is designed to properly support both you and baby.

There are many soft structured carriers such as the ERGObaby Carrier or the Beco Baby Carrier that¬†effectively support baby’s hips and spine. These baby carriers also distribute baby’s weight evenly across a caregiver’s body thus offering maximum comfort for both baby and caregiver. Keep in mind that babywearing should NOT hurt your back or shoulders!! If it does, your carrier is likely either 1)¬† not well designed or 2) not adjusted properly.

The benefits of babywearing are plentiful which means a babycarrier is something you are likely to use on a daily basis with your baby. Therefore it really is worthwhile to invest in a high quality babycarrier! Here is some basic criteria to consider:

  1. What position is baby in when carrier is in use? (note: Baby should NOT be “dangling” from their hips). When you look at pictures of babywearing through the ages, select a carrier that emulates similar positioning. There is a reason these types of carriers have been around for centuries…they are aligned with baby’s natural position and subsequent development.
  2. Are the straps comfortable and easy to adjust?
  3. Are my back and shoulders comfortable while wearing baby, even for prolonged periods of time?
  4. Is it relatively easy to get baby in and out of carrier?

Now, I know you might be thinking, but I have to purchase a babycarrier to know the answers to the above questions! While researching available options will definitely aid in the selection process, you might feel the need/desire to actually try a carrier before committing yourself to a babycarrier. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Borrow a carrier from a friend to experiment with before purchasing your own.
  • Check out Babywearing International for a local BWI chapter in your area. Often these groups have a lending library of babycarriers available to members. This is an awesome way to “try before you buy”!
  • See if¬†a local baby boutique in your area might offer a babywearing 101 class where you can get lots of great info, ask questions, and even try out different carriers.
  • Buy from a store that has excellent customer service and a reasonable return/exchange policy.

Happy Babywearing All!


Sunday Funday Giveaway: ERGObaby Doll Carrier

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

¬†The ERGObaby doll carrier is the perfect accessory for a child to use to take care of their baby doll just like mommy and/or daddy care for them.¬†A child¬†can mirror the attachment parenting¬†practice of babywearing with this easy to use, light weight toy baby carrier. The ERGObaby doll carrier is designed to be comfortable and enjoyable for children to use. This¬†carrier could make a¬†great gift for a sibling-to-be or for a child who has outgrown being in the Ergo themselves. Would you like to win a FREE ERGObaby Doll Carrier for your child? Be sure to enter this week’s giveaway for your chance to win!


Front Cross Carry | How to Wrap your Baby Video

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Learning to use your new wrap? There are many different carries you can do depending on the age and type of your wrap.

This video gives you instructions on how to wrap a front cross carry. This carry is a very simple wrap that is great for beginners! You can use this carry for basically any age of baby as long as it is comfortable for you. It is also a great carry to tie before you go on your errands as you can just “pop” your baby into the wrap (as demonstrated in the video) when you arrive at your destination.

You can do this with a woven wrap, such as a¬†Dolcino, or a stretchy wrap like a¬†Moby Wrap. If you are using a stretchy wrap, you may have to wrap the carry a bit tighter as the wrap will “give” a bit. Also, with a stretchy wrap, if you have a large baby (not a newborn) you may not be as comfortable with this carry as the wrap will not be as supportive as a woven wrap.

Rachel and Sarah are using a 4.6 meter Dolcino Stromboli Woven Wrap.