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Cloth Wipes

Monday, January 9th, 2012

I recently re-acquainted myself with an old friend…my cloth wipes! Years ago when I first started using cloth diapers, I used cloth wipes 100% of the time at home and disposable wipes when out and about. Slowly over time mostly due to a poorly organized diapering system, I started using disposable wipes more and more to the point that I was eventually no longer using cloth wipes at all! Then I re-organized my diapering area making it super easy to start using cloth wipes again. Right around the same time my three year old son found our missing box of Baby Bits Wipes Solution (which he hoped was candy and tried to eat…ew!) which was perfect timing! Right now I am feeling the love for my cloth wipes and wanted to spread it around. 😉

One big advantage to cloth wipes is that they are far more effective than disposables. A mess that takes 11 disposable wipes and 2 minutes of active wiping can seriously be done with one or two cloth wipes in half the time. Okay I haven’t actually done the math to calculate that, but you get the idea. Cloth wipes are simply better at getting baby’s bum clean! I also really enjoy the economical and ecological benefits of cloth wipes. Saving money while preserving the earth’s resources always make me happy. 🙂

If you are not sure how to incorporate cloth wipes into your cloth diapering routine there are two basic methods. You could opt to use either a wet or dry system. If you were to use the dry system you would simply store your clean, dry cloth wipes near your diapering station and wet them as needed. You would wet them with a prepared wipe solution and store it in a peri or spray bottle. The other option is the wet system where you prepare your wipes solution and soak your wipes ahead of time so they are ready for use at each diaper change. You could store wet wipes in a wipes warmer, recycled disposable wipes container, or even a large ziplock bag. Basically any type of container that will hold in the moisture will work to store your wet cloth wipes. Currently I use the dry system where I wet the wipes as I go. I have my pre-made wipes solution in a small spray bottle and usually spray baby’s bum directly and wipe accordingly. I definitely prefer this over using disposable wipes as the Baby Bits Wipes Solution has a pleasant, yet mild smell to it. I also feel that it’s more gentle to baby’s skin simply because I am wiping less.

Cloth wipes are easy to clean as well. I throw dirty ones right into my wetbag along with my dirty diapers and wash them all together. It doesn’t really add any extra laundry or work to use cloth wipes, but the advantages are big! I am very glad to be back to using my again.

Do you use cloth wipes? What method do you use? Do you use a cloth solution? Would love to hear your tips on making cloth wipes work for you!


PS. Tomorrow’s Tasty Tuesday recipe is for Garlicky Kale….yum!