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Pregnancy Week 29: Anxious During the Wait

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Pregnancy Week 29:  Anxious During the WaitAs my pregnancy has progressed, I have found myself having some anxious moments. During these moments, I may find myself having a slight panic attack over the clutter in my home. Or recently, it was a moment over the fact that my daughter is still sleeping in the baby’s crib and not potty trained yet. Breathe. I still have 11 weeks. It is very common for pregnant women to have these so-called moments. Sometimes, they are over trivial things.

What causes anxiety in pregnancy?

Women are natural worriers. During pregnancy, it is normal to worry about your baby and the progress of your pregnancy, to some extent. According to, anxiety during pregnancy is actually more common than depression. In addition, anxiety during pregnancy can put you at more risk for postpartum anxiety or depression. Unrealistic fears or expectations can trigger these worries. One recent study showed that as many as 1 in 4 women suffer from anxiety in pregnancy.

How to Handle Anxiety

A good first step is to realize that you are anxious. For me, I know I am an anxious person, so I tend to share my fears with my spouse. Find a trusted person that you can confide in. Talking with your doctor or midwife can help ease any anxieties you have about baby’s health.

Here are some other easy tips and tricks:

  • Take care of yourself! Go to bed at a reasonable time, eat right, and get some exercise.
  • Don’t worry about housework and chores too much. Relax.
  • Try doing something to calm you like reading a book, going to a yoga class, or sitting in a dark room and taking deep breaths.
  • Focus on you in the now. Don’t let too much pregnancy information cloud your thinking.
  • Don’t let yourself become too overwhelmed if you have other children. Take advantage of the time when they are asleep. Take a long shower, read a favorite book, spend quality time with your spouse.
  • Take time for yourself. Go to Starbucks with a friend or make yourself a yummy cup of tea at home. Take a break.

As my due date gets closer and closer, I am sure I will be filled more anxious thoughts. However, I know that in the end, the baby’s room will get finished, my husband and I will be prepared for our next little miracle, and I will be ready to face the world as a mom of two little ones. Honestly, typing this has made me more excited and happy than anxious. Now, I think I will go try some of these tips and enjoy some tea and a good book.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way. She may be anxious at times, but she sure is excited to meet her son!