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Product Review: Baltic Amber Necklace

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I first learned about Baltic Amber when my second son was a few months old. I was eager to try it out because it sounded like a fairly easy way to provide comfort to a teething baby. Plus, I won’t lie, the cuteness factor appealed to me too. 🙂

It seemed everywhere we went people would comment on his necklace. My oldest son became a little jealous of all the attention his younger brother got from wearing an amber necklace. He asked me if he could have one too. Sure, why not? There are supposed benefits beyond teething and no potential harmful effects of amber. I honored his request and got him a necklace that matched his brother.

Once both boys had necklaces, then we really got a lot of attention! People would inquire about them all.the.time (even during super inconvenient times, like when I was pushing a shopping cart full of groceries while simultaneously carrying a screaming baby and chasing after a busy toddler, some old lady wants to chat about amber…um, was she really that unaware it was not a good time for me to talk?, lol!).

On most occasions I could (and would) share a quick explanation of the benefits of amber. This almost always resulted in people asking me if they actually worked. Honestly at that point, I wasn’t really sure? My older son was well beyond teething so I wasn’t able to gage that particular benefit with him. While my second son was in the thick of teething, it was a pretty mild teething experience overall with him; perhaps due to the necklace? It was hard to say for sure? So I decided I should get one for myself so I could experience the effects of amber first hand.

The very first day I wore my necklace I honestly felt amazing. I even remember a friend commenting to me how “peppy” I looked and I told her “I swear it’s the necklace. I put it on this morning and have felt great ever since!”. I was completely convinced that amber really did have healing properties to it.

3.5 years and several more amber necklaces later, I am still feelin’ the love for amber! I wear one almost daily. One area in particular that I feel amber is especially beneficial to me is with my running. I experience very little aches, pains, or inflammation despite running an average of 30+ miles a week. Even after some pretty long and grueling trail runs, I experience very little soreness.

Currently Izzy (20 months) is wearing two amber necklaces. Just this evening when his mouth was wide open, my oldest son happen to notice that Izzy is getting two new teeth. And guess what? He is showing virtually no signs of teething! Don’t know about you but I’ll take that for a teething toddler any day!! 🙂

The main curiosity about Baltic Amber seems to be the question of effectiveness. People want to know if it actually “works”. All I can say to answer that is, I believe it does! 🙂

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