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4 Reasons Why Wool is Wonderful!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Izzy in his sustainablebabyish knit wool cover

I love wool soakers…I mean really LOVE them!! I know I have shared before about my initial reservation in using wool diaper covers…but now that I have crossed into the wonderful world of wool I can’t help but publicly proclaim my love for it! Not only is it a 100% all natural fiber (nothing synthetic about it!!), it’s super duper soft and cuddly. Plus wool soakers are simply gorgeous! But what most people want to know is, is it functional? Yep, you betcha! Check it out:

1. Wool is Breathable

Most people associate wool with winter gear and think it’s only used in cold climates. However the truth is wool is actually super breathable, making it a great fabric option for all seasons! In fact it can help keep the body at an even temperature as it does not conduct heat. How can this be you might wonder? Basically wool fibers form tiny little air pockets allowing air to circulate. Pretty nifty, huh?

2. Wool Repels Water

The structure of wool fibers along with the naturally occurring lanolin make wool repel water. Lanolin is a waxy substance found on sheep’s wool that protects the skin and wool of the animal. This acts as a waterproof barrier making wool a great choice for a diaper cover!

3. Wool Absorbs Water

Wait, hold up…wool repels AND absorbs water?!? Yep! It’s magical like that, lol! If you think about it, that is actually the perfect combination for a diaper cover. Wool can absorb up to 30% by weight of the fiber itself which means you won’t have issues with leaking. Plus even if baby’s diaper is “wet”, baby will be dry! Therefore wool is a great overnight diaper solution or option for heavy wetters.

4. Wool is Antibacterial

Wool is actually considered a “self-cleaning” fabric. HUH?!? I know…a cloth diaper that cleans itself sounds like a total fantasy, right?…but it’s true! Here’s the deal: As wool absorbs moisture, the lanolin converts into a special kind of anti-bacterial “soap” and basically “cleans” the diaper.  Urine odor is naturally neutralized in this process as well. Kind of cool, huh?

The more I learn about wool, the more impressed I am with it. I know a lot of people are initially surprised at the cost of wool diaper covers. I know I was when I first started cloth diapering. I thought why would I buy a wool cover, when I can get a PUL diaper cover for almost half the cost? However after learning more about it and using it, I realized you actually only need a few wool covers in your rotation because you can re-use the same one over and over again before needing to wash it. It seems the list of benefits of wool, just keeps growing.

There are soooo many reasons why wool makes the BEST diaper covers! I am so, so happy I finally included some wool into our cloth diapering stash!