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Cloth Diapering a Solid Food Eater

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

CLoth diapering a solid food eaterThe days of only bottle/breast feeding come to an end eventually. Perhaps this is a time of joy if you are tired of washing bottles or you are feeling like a 24-hour drive thru window lately. With solid food comes a whole new world of diaper changes.

If your baby nursed up until this point you may have rarely dealt with cleaning bowel movements as exclusively breast-fed poop tends to be water soluble and can go straight into the wash.

The change might take time. When introducing solids, your child may take in so little that you don’t notice a difference. At some point between 6 months and a year, most kids undergo a change in the consistency of their bowel movements. It may be more marked for breast-fed children. You will know it when you see it. A child’s poop may look different than others’, some more plop-able and others more peanut-butter yucky. If you are unsure of your babe’s bowel movement tendencies and patterns always check with your pediatrician to ensure your babe’s health is in order.

Otherwise, consider these tips in dealing with the new poo:

  • Liners are your friend, especially for out and about if you don’t want to dunk and swish your diapers in public toilets or carry a very dirty diaper with you until you return home. Liners often catch everything or at least limit the mess. Some are cut wider or longer than others. We like GroVia liners best. Though they are wide enough to stick out of the diaper slightly, that means they also generally keep poop from getting into the elastic areas of the diaper.
  • Diaper sprayers add a level of intensity to your arsenal of diaper cleaning tools. Most attach to your toilet, though there are options that can attach to your sink. You can also use a shower head if it stretches to your toilet. The power of water helps to almost all remnants of poop removed from the diaper, but the power of spray can also cause messes.
  • Solutions for messy spraying. Get to know your sprayer. I find I can manage the water pressure with how tightly I squeeze the handle on my sprayer. You may be able to negotiate water pressure by turning the nozzle directly on your toilet, lowering the amount of water the pipe allows through. Or there is always the Spray Pal if you’d like another gadget where you can clip in your diaper and spray with all your might without fear of poop on your toes. Diaper Dawg also has a few accessories that can help with preventing messes.
  • Know your child. Maybe your kiddo is a morning pooper or napping pooper. The sooner you get that diaper off, the easier the poop usually comes off (and the happier your kiddo’s skin will be too!). Or use liners only at those times you know your kiddo often has a bowel movement so you don’t waste liners. (Some people reuse liners once washed if they were only urinated on.)
  • Likewise, spray/scrape/swish as you go if possible. Some prefer to wait and do all the poopy diapers at once. As they sit though they often dry, often making the poop harder to remove. If you are going to let them sit, do not leave out in the open where little hands can get to them. Wrap them shut and place them out of your child’s reach.

Lynette Moran shares her life with her husband and two sons, ages 1 and 3 years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.