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Pregnancy Week 34: The Ups and Downs

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Pregnancy Week 34This week, I am 34 weeks pregnant. It seems like just yesterday I was starting to write these blogs at 9 weeks! With just a handful or so of weeks to go, I have become a wacky pregnant lady. I am uncomfortable, full of weird emotions, and just kind of sappy. As women travel through the third trimester of pregnancy, there are some common ups and downs they experience from time to time.


As the second trimester ends, third trimester exhaustion begins. It’s harder to get a good night’s sleep and it’s more difficult to make time for those much needed pregnancy naps. I have been awakened frequently with leg cramps in the night. These cramps are a mystery. Some believe that women experience them due to the increased weight you are carrying or possibly from the expanding pressure the uterus is putting on your blood vessels. Most women feel emotional during the third trimester just simply because they are sleep deprived.


With labor coming soon, it’s normal to be nervous or fearful. With my first pregnancy, I was very nervous towards the end. I was fearful as we drove to the hospital and nervous up until the moment my healthy, beautiful daughter was born. This time around, I am more nervous about the changes a new baby will bring. Is this nursery going to be done on time? How will my daughter do with a little guy being around all of the time? During the last month of pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone hormone levels are at their highest, so it’s normal to feel like a basket case.


As women, we want everything to be perfect. So, here I am at 34 weeks worried about my hospital bag, registering on time for the hospital, who will keep my daughter during my labor…I could go on and on. Remember it’s okay to feel stressed, but try to find time to turn off your mind and relax. There will be plenty of time to get things done and everything will be okay if you don’t. I keep reminding myself of that lately.

Sappy and Emotional

With any upcoming change, it’s normal to feel emotional. My daughter has been starting potty training and talking more. She is growing up before my eyes, and I have suddenly realized she’s not a baby anymore. She will be 2 years old when baby boy arrives, and he will be the baby of the household. Hallmark commercials making you weepy? It’s normal.

Irritated or Frustrated

Whether it’s too much advice from a family member or too many nights spent reading a pregnancy book, it’s easy to get irritated during the last weeks of pregnancy. From the stares of strangers to the silly comments some people make, it’s normal to feel frustrated. Remember that you are growing a miracle and try not to sweat the small stuff.

So, mommas, if you’re feeling overly emotional lately, try relaxing, exercising, or writing in a journal. Take a mommy break. This could be a hot bath or a few hours of shopping alone. It’s okay to be emotional. We don’t have to always have it together.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way. She hopes writing this blog will help her keep her own emotions in check.