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Daily Planks: Progress or Falling Flat?

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

3-=day plank challengeThe 30-day Plank Challenge: have a stronger core, relieve back pain, and flatten your tummy in just 30 days! I totally signed on for this one. Before the plank challenge, it was the 30-day Squat Challenge, where the number of air squats done increased each day for a month, and at the end, you are rewarded with a really nice hiney. So I hear.

I’ve never actually finished one of these. I’m not sure why. They take such a tiny bite out of a day, and you can do planks, or squats, just about anywhere. These challenges could be an easy way to build fitness into my everyday routine, and as a side benefit, demonstrate for my kids the importance of physical fitness and exercise.

Here’s how the plank challenge went for me:

Day 1: Forgot to start on day one, remembered on day three.

Day 3 1: Goal: 20 seconds. Actual: I’m a superstar, I don’t need to start with 20 … I’ll do 30 seconds. Last 9 ½ seconds spent regretting that decision.

Day 2: Remember to plank right before bed. Husband sends eye-rolls my way as I plank 30 seconds before climbing into bed.

Day 3: What is it with day three? It’s jinxed, I say. Forgot to plank. Will make up for it tomorrow.

Day 4: OK, 45 seconds, done and done. Feel like I really have my life together. Then I remember I was supposed to add on yesterday’s forgotten seconds as well.

Day 5: Start planned 45-second plank, get called away by screaming kids. Never make it back to finish.

Day 6: There was no day six. Or seven. I like to say that I’m such an advanced planker (is that even a word?), that I finished the 30-day plank challenge in five days. But the reality is, I want to succeed and add this into my daily routine, and so far have not been successful. Years of momming, not to mention running, have done a number on my back and abs. (Note to non-runners: it’s true, running is just terrible for you. Just kidding! You should join a running club!)

For those of you that have been successful with a 30-day challenge, what are some tips that can help the quitters of the world (me) stick with the challenge?

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home mom to three little boys. She stays sane by running. And her back hurtssssssss.