Surviving Motherhood One Truffle at a Time

Today was one of *those* days. We all have them, so I’m pretty sure you know what I am talking about. Without going into any further details, mothers universally know what it means when another mother sighs and says “it’s been one of those days”. Here’s a small excerpt from my day:

I patiently tried very hard to get a cranky baby down for a nap. I knew he was super tired; probably over-tired at that point so he was pretty resistant to the idea of a nap. After a nursing marathon, I finally got him asleep.  (Oh how I wish I could have cuddled up and slept right next to him!) While I was busy putting cranky baby down for a nap, the older boys thought making magic potion would be fun. This particular magic potion used every.single.spice from our spice cabinet, a bottle of blue food dye, and rotting vegetables from the compost pile. How is it possible two small children can make such an incredible mess so quickly and quietly? Moments after discovering the magic potion, cranky baby is awakened by our dog barking at the FedEx truck. (And it wasn’t even delivering a fun package to our house…it was making a delivery at the neighbor’s house). I think his nap lasted all of two minutes?

A bit later in the day, I am upstairs getting dressed when I hear lots of commotion downstairs. My five year old comes running up the stairs and says “Mom, there are three things happening right now. Izzy pooped inside and then outside and then inside. Jonah (our dog) keeps trying to eat it. And Abraham got hurt really bad.” I went downstairs and sure enough there’s the dog being completely gross, Abraham crying, and a naked Izzy covered in poop. You have probably heard one of the cons of velcro cloth diaper closures is that baby can take off their own diaper…this would be a prime example of why you don’t want your baby to be able to take off their own diaper.

I looked at the clock…okay only an hour until hubby gets home, I can do this. I can keep it together for one more hour. Oh wait…crud! He’s out of town…he’s not coming home tonight. I start to panic at the realization no one is coming to rescue me from my kids. My mind starts considering my options on how to survive the next 3 hours until bed time. Car ride? No, they might fall asleep and then bed time will be a joke. Call a friend to come over? No, there’s poop everywhere. Set up the sprinkler for them? No, it’s broken.

And then I remembered. There are truffles in the house. Sweet decadent truffles. Truffles I bought for an upcoming Mom’s Night Out gathering and cleverly hid in the guest bedroom. Please oh please still be there I thought as I rushed up the stairs. A small part of me feared those too may have somehow ended up in the boys’ magic potion. But no, there they were…so beautiful and shiny in their fancy packaging. I was kind of surprised by my strong affection for this box of unopened truffles….I think I may have actually hugged the box a little bit when picking it up. But be assured I wasted no time ripping that box open and eating a few. Ahhh, the curative powers of chocolate truffles washed over me. I was rejuvenated and ready to face the evening whatever it had in store for me. Thankfully the rest of the night was rather uneventful…actually it was even kind of mellow. Boy, those were some powerful truffles, huh? ; )

Besides having a secret stash of chocolate truffles, what helps you get through the challenges of parenting young children? Any funny stories to share? I could use a good laugh tonight. 🙂


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7 Responses to “Surviving Motherhood One Truffle at a Time”

  1. C Hulsey says:

    HaHa! I have a gold-foil covered box of truffles hidden in my dresser – ALL THE TIME! Truffles are amazing, aren’t they?

  2. jessica says:

    Oh, sometimes, I put the kids in the bath. They play in the water while I sit doing nothing for bit. If the splash, I pull the curtain over me :). I don’t know why, but we all feel better after an impromptu bath.

  3. jessica says:

    You made me laugh out loud! Totally feel you. Dylan has taken over A’s post as super-fuss, so its been a “fun” couple weeks.… I admire how you handle these situations so calmly because I have to admit, I get pretty cranky with the boys sometimes. I will come over anytime, even with poop everywhere! :). Thanks for sharing.

  4. Joan Harvey says:

    This is why I only have one child. I don’t have your energy or patience. I hope A was okay. I hear duct tape works like magic on keeping diapers in place. Chocolate really can keep us sane.

  5. Jessica says:

    Rockin post. I can totally relate!

  6. Michelle K says:

    I’d come over, even if there was poop everywhere. I’d even come help clean it up. Sorry you had such a poopy day, but glad it was saved by truffles.