Summer Play Dates for Baby

SUmmer Play Dates for BabiesIt’s time for summer play dates! As a first-time mom, I was clueless last summer on what to do with my daughter. She wasn’t walking yet, and I felt she was just too little for most activities. Here are some great summer play date ideas—because babies just wanna have fun.

Play Dates Where You Pay

There are many activities infants and moms can do together during the summer where you pay admission fees. Many cities have infant friendly zoos. Where I live, there is a special children’s zoo. We did take my daughter to the zoo last year. Just remember that your trip may be shorter than usual with an infant. Check out your local pool or aquatic center. Many places have kiddie structures and splash areas perfect for little ones who aren’t walking yet. These play dates are super fun, especially if you have a friend with little ones to tag along. If your little one loves animals, find a local petting zoo to visit. Season passes are a great idea because if you do have to leave pretty quick into your visit, you can always come back another time.

Outside Play Dates

Picnics in the park were one of our favorite play dates last summer. Bring an old blanket and some snacks. My friend and I would sit on the blanket with our girls and watch them interact and share toys. Babies love to study each otherLet baby swing on the baby swings or bring a ball to roll back and forth. My daughter is very interested in bubbles. Find a friend with a bubble machine or just buy some bubbles at your local dollar store. ! Parks are great for taking stroller walks with a friend, too. Remember to not take baby out in extreme heat, and bring plenty of water if you’re going to play outside.

Easy and Cheap Play Dates

Invite a friend and her little ones over. Have some snacks and goodies for the moms and kids. Lay out a blanket outside or inside and have music or art time. Babies love to play with pots and pans, and other music-making things around the house. Invest in some safe finger paints and let your little ones get creative. Try out a water table! If you have a swing set or sandbox, let baby explore your back yard with you.

Whatever fun you choose to have this summer with your little one, just remember to make it memorable. Play dates for babies are a fun, social time. They also are a great refresher for mom’s sanity and help make lasting friendships.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a stay-at-home mom in Northeast Indiana. She can’t wait for summertime so she can explore the outside world with her 20 month old, Johanna Grace!

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