Stylish Holiday Options for Nursing Moms

Winter is here and the holiday parties are upon us! With all the parties and activities coming up you might be wondering what you can wear while nursing.

I’m here to show you there are a lot of options both made specifically for nursing and not. There are so many normal clothing options with great cuts for nursing in public without a lot of skin showing!

The first thing I want to note is that if you have a skirt or a pair of dress pants, you’re halfway there. All of the tops I’m showing can be adjusted to pull down or worn over a tank and easily pulled up.

Nursing Tops and Sweaters

Any of your nursing tanks would look great under a sequined cardigan or blazer. This is a simple cheap way to look both festive and ready to feed a baby!

My personal favorite nursing tanks are made by Glamourmom. The tummy control tank is not only a fantastic basic, but also supports postpartum tummies.

You will alsowant to look for button-down shirts and anything wrap like. Both Styles are easily turned into nursing tops by adjusting fabric or opening a few buttons. Luckily, both styles are widely available and come in many price ranges.

Nursing Wear dresses

Dresses are perfect for nursing!

There are so many styles that make nursing a snap. Look for wrap dresses, which are also very forgiving if you want to camouflage anything. You can also throw a tank under one for extra coverage. Once again, buttons are your friend! Look for dresses with a button front that give you enough room to open and let your child nurse.

Adding fun, festive jewelry can also make the most basic dress ready for a party. Remember, just because you’re nursing doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous!

Allison Klaine is a mom to Lucy, 4 and Jack, 3.  She’s been through NICU stays, bed rest, terrible twos, and many many sleepless nights. She hopes her time on the parenting frontline can help other moms out if they need it.  

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