When Should I Start Reading to My Baby?

When should I start reading to my baby?When should I start reading to my baby?  Today.

It is never too early to read to your baby.  In fact, I started reading to my babies as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  Reading was my way to connect with my baby from the start.  I went to the library on a weekly basis to keep it interesting for us.

What books are best for infants? In my opinion, the content doesn’t matter. You could read a picture book, the newspaper, or this blog to your baby. Babies love to hear the sound of your voice. They love the special time and attention that is shared with them while they listen to you read.

Tips for reading to infants:

  • Choose books that you enjoy.  How about a book that you loved when you were a child?  Show your baby that reading is a fun and pleasant thing to do.  They will learn this by your tone and excitement for books.
  • Point to pictures and talk about them.  Your audience will be paying attention whether they interact with you or not. They are always learning.
  • Pay attention to your baby’s cues of what they enjoy.  They may enjoy rhyming, pictures, or certain authors or illustrations.
  • Use your local library as a resource and you will have an endless supply of books and reading materials to choose from.
  • Read the same books regularly. It is amazing to see babies recognize books that they remember and enjoy. I rotate through books and love to see what my children remember about them when they are reunited with a book they haven’t seen in a while. Many times, they do the reading.
  • Have babies help you turn pages. This is a part of teaching them how to read. You may want to use board books when you first start out.

There are so many benefits of reading to infants. Reading helps babies develop listening skills, learn about words and pictures, stimulate their imagination as they get older, and so much more.

Sarah Cole is a stay at home mommy to two busy toddlers.  She enjoys spending time reading to her kids and loves watching her children’s relationship with books and reading grow.

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