Silent Saturday: Turn your Woven Wrap into a Hammock!

Recently Abbie, co-owner of Mom’s Milk Boutique, shared a picture of her kids laying side by side in two hammocks. The hammocks were actually made from her lovely woven wraps! It looked like so much fun we had to try it for ourselves!

This is what it looks like from the top. It is just tied together with a regular old knot…nothing fancy or difficult about it!

The older boys took turns hanging out in the hammock throughout the day…

Jeremiah even had a snack in there…

And read some books…

And of course Abraham hammed it up as always

We have had it up for two days now and they have been climbing in and out of it for the past two days. Even my two year who was very hesitant at first will get himself right in there.

What a super fun and simple way to enjoy your woven wrap. Thanks Abbie for the inspiration!


PS. I would probably NOT try this with a Moby Wrap. The material might be too stretchy for it to work well?

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