Silent Saturday: The Fun Places We Find Our Children

As a mom of young children, there are a lot of fun (and a few not so fun) unexpected surprises that occur throughout the day. Lately I have been finding evidence of my children’s presence, personality, and interests in random places.  For example:

Green craft sand in the hand soap


Pirate sword in silverware drawer



Water balloons in hair accessories basket


Happening upon little surprises such as these puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart! However the next two surprises weren’t quite as much fun when I initially discovered them….although I am laughing about them now. 🙂

Nail clippers in dreadlock wax


Dog treats in coffee grinder


What are some of the fun places you find your children?

Happy Saturday All!!


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2 Responses to “Silent Saturday: The Fun Places We Find Our Children”

  1. Janine says:

    Finding joy in the little reminders of our kids seems to be one of those things that all mothers share. I remember when my son was an infant — His stuff wasn’t everywhere yet. You might not know a baby lived in our apartment unless you went into the bedrooms — and his little rubber ducky sat on the edge of the bathtub. It made my heart swell each and every time I saw it.

    Nowadays, my son’s stuff is everywhere, but there are still occasional unexpected reminders that make me smile. I recently found a toy bowling pin in a kitchen drawer, similar to your pirate sword. I left it there, thinking that it might make my husband smile down the line.