Silent Saturday: The First Time I Ever Nursed in Public

Five and a half years ago this picture was taken unbeknownst to me by my mom. It was the very first time I ever nursed my son in public. Initially I had some reservations about nursing in public; however once I did it, I realized it was not a big deal (thanks mom for the encouragement!). When my mom showed me this photo afterwards, I thought it was kind of silly that she took a picture of what at the time seemed like such an “anti-climatic” moment. Although now I am feeling extra grateful to have this picture!

La Leche League promotes the idea of mothering through breastfeeding. For me the moment captured in this photograph depicts just that…letting go of fear/judgement/anxiety and simply allowing my own child’s needs to guide my mothering instincts. It’s something I have struggled with lately and am thankful to have found this photo to serve as a reminder.


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2 Responses to “Silent Saturday: The First Time I Ever Nursed in Public”

  1. Brigitta says:

    I covered with DD#1 when we were in public. Then I became more “crunchy” and more AP… and feel that since I am comfortable with NIP (not everyone is), then I want to do what I can to normalize breastfeeding. DD#2 comes along with big sister being involved in the birth, etc. and becoming a “mama” to her baby doll Kelley and doing all the things that mom was doing- cloth diapers, nursing, co-sleeping, babywearing (had to make a homemade MT).

    So, one day we’re at the mall and I stop to NIP- the 5 yr old does the same except I look over to see her pulling her shirt down over dolly head. We had recently talked about it being ok to NIP but that we want to be discreet not showy- and since her shirt wasn’t such that could be pulled up and keep her discreet she was problem solving by pulling it down. One of those moments that reinforces “this, is why I do this”.

    I’ve also had recent occasion to answer questions for a friend of the 5 yr old- her mom was not able to nurse for long and the child has never been around family who NIP… the child was curious if it hurt, did the baby bite, etc. Again, one of those reinforcing moments of not only am I doing this to benefit my baby but it benefits others.

    May you find peace with whatever mothering instinct you’ve/you’re strugging with. Motherhood is a journey.

    • Sarah says:

      Love the story of your five year old nursing her doll in public! Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts on NIP. 🙂