Silent Saturday: Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

I have had my cranberry ERGObaby carrier for FIVE lovely years.  I have used it almost daily over the past five years with the exception being during late pregnancy (although I did occasionally babywear an almost two year old at 35+ weeks preggo) and the early postpartum period. My ERGO has gotten lots and lots of love over the years, especially considering I bought it used from a friend who had loved on it for three years prior. As much as I loved my cranberry ERGO it was time for us to part ways. It has been a faithful friend over the past five years. I am grateful for the impact it had on my mothering and the relationship I have with my children.

RIP my ERGO….Thanks for all the happy memories!


PS. In case you are wondering what I use to babywear now…I got another ERGO! 🙂

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