Silent Saturday: Feeling Abundantly Blessed

We are on vacation right now and LOOK where I get to go for a RUN!

I’m feeling beyond blessed to be surrounded by such beauty!

Anything you are feeling particularly blessed about right now? Please share! Would love to hear from YOU! 🙂


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2 Responses to “Silent Saturday: Feeling Abundantly Blessed”

  1. Kim says:

    That picture is absolutely stunning! I am feeling abundantly blessed tonight for so many things. I went to visit my best friend in the hospital tonight. She is doing better than I thought, so far. Upon leaving Jesus “led me beside quiet waters” on the campus of the hospital. The trees were green and the air was fresh and perfect after a scorching hot Chicago day. I have an almost 2 year old and do not remember the last time that I was able to physically, mentally and spiritually sit still with God. It was amazing.
    I then was able to order a chai latte and go grocery shopping – (I want to try the vegan hash!) so we have fresh food in our house.
    I’m abundantly grateful for those things tonight.
    Sarah, I’m just wondering how you have a silent Saturday with 3! (I’m a friend of Melanie’s – she referenced your blog.  )

    • Sarah says:

      HI Kim and welcome! Glad you are feeling grateful today!
      My Saturdays are definitely far from Silent…except for this little space here on the web. 🙂
      Have a beautifully blessed day!